Lazy JP Metts absent from work while his top-level staff relaxes inside court office

JP James Metts is AWOL from the Montgomery County government (other than coming to pick up paycheck).

New Caney, January 3 – JP James Metts (salary $126,988.35, plus County benefits of $51,176.31, totaling $178,164.65 per year) still has not returned to work at the Montgomery County government after his absence for well over a month. Metts has not conducted any court dockets since before Thanksgiving. His staff have had to cancel numerous dockets, especially the juvenile dockets scheduled for early December.

Since Metts doesn’t come to the office, his top-level staff have relaxed and enjoyed a pleasant time doing nothing.

Metts’ girlfriend, Diane Rogers, is his Juvenile Court Coordinator, and makes $42,339.18, with benefits of $17,062.69, for total annual compensation of $59,401.87. Metts couldn’t convince former County employee Delonna Snow to have sex with him, so he fired her, as the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in formal written findings. Rogers, who is also a direct report to Metts as well as his girlfriend, only works in the County office approximately half a day and sometimes less.

On the rare occasions when Metts comes to the office, Rogers spends approximately one-and-a-half hours having breakfast with him in his private office. On January 2, since Rogers, who also co-owns and operates Sweetie Pie’s Restaurant with Metts, was in the office without Metts, she spent her time quite differently, according to the three JP4 employees who recounted the day’s events to The Golden Hammer. Rogers spent three hours behind a closed door with Metts’ “communications director” Jamie Nash, who receives $30,598.56, plus County benefits of $12,331.22, for a total of $42,929.78 in annual compensation. Nash works part-time and spends a large portion of her day working for the County government putting together the “Montgomery County Police Reporter,” which is a pro-Metts and pro-Davenport Ring blog.

Rogers conducted an informal group meeting of Metts’ employees on Tuesday, January 2, where she informed the court personnel that Metts would have a fundraiser on February 23, 2017, for his campaign. In the past Rogers and Metts have directed the employees to make the food for his campaign events. Since The Golden Hammer reported those inappropriate directions in previous articles, Rogers told the staff on Tuesday that they were “welcome to bring food but they’re not obligated.”

Meanwhile, Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden’s mother Jerry Sue Hayden, who receives $50,669.63 salary, $20,419.86 in benefits approximately, and total County government compensation of approximately $71,089.49, announced to the office staff that she was leaving “to return Christmas gifts.” Hayden left the office and didn’t return for several hours.

Janes Metts Landers, the JP’s cousin who works in Metts’ court office (sometimes), receives a salary of $42,782.39, County benefits of $17,241.30, and total annual County compensation of $60,023.69. Landers has not been in the JP court office for more than three weeks.

Brian Stanley, Metts’ Chief of Staff, earns $58,623.50 salary, County benefits of approximately $23,625.27, and total compensation of $82,248.77. Stanley was on his personal cellphone almost the entire morning on Tuesday. He finally put down his phone and announced to the staff that he was taking his daughter to a movie and out to eat.

Meanwhile, at least a dozen citizens appeared in the JP office and were upset because they’ve been unable to find out what’s happening with their juvenile cases. Several people asked to speak to the judge to find out he wasn’t there.





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