Lambright Employees’ Comments About “Ice in the Slime Machine” Display Terrible Anti-Citizen Office Culture He’s Engendered

Management consultant and author Lou Gerstner.

Conroe, January 5 – Written comments of several employees from within County Attorney J.D. Lambright’s Office about The Golden Hammer’s article “Ice in the Slime Machine” (February 2, 2017) put on public display the terribly anti-citizen office culture Lambright has engendered among the County employees under his supervision.

When one shakes a tree, some leaves fall and bring unexpected items along with them. Newspaper articles often bring out facts that would not otherwise have come into public view. The aftermath of this newspaper’s story on Lambright’s expenditure of $4,100 on a state-of-the-art ice machine that holds up to 523 pounds of ice had a similar effect.

During the evening of February 2, 2017, this newspaper’s Publisher posted the following joke on Facebook:

“JD Lambright’s ice machine holds 523 pounds of ice. He’s got 31 employees in the County Attorney’s Office (including JD). That means that each employee must use an average of 17 pounds of ice per day! Consuming that much ice must take so much time each day that the employees in the County Attorney’s office have no time to do anything else (other than deposit their paychecks). I hope they all have sweaters to wear!”

The Facebook joke, following The Golden Hammer’s article from earlier that day, seemed to draw out several of Lambright’s employees.

One County Attorney’s Office employee wrote, “Yes we have an Ice machine, but it pays for itself not having water service. I guess that makes me a spoiled county employee because I like to drink filtered water and not out of the faucet. I’m not sure what you have to gain from your bullying tactics about J D, but they are absurd and unwarranted. J D is dedicated to his position as County Attorney and only has the best interest of our county. I’m sure you will find a way to personally attack me or what I have to say, but J D is a good man and people need to know that. I have nothing to gain from posting this and it’s not directed towards you because you will always be right. I just want people to know that there is more to the story and to do some research before they believe what you post.”

Another County Attorney’s Office employee wrote, “…what office provides their employees only faucet water? How about you take a poll and get back to me about that? And when you find that the answer is less than 1%, if that much, then you can explain why you would have county employees, who you want to work hard for your tax money to not have the same basic comfort as every other employee of Every other organization. I look forward to the results of your poll.”

The sibling of another County Attorney’s Office employee criticized The Golden Hammer for its “attack” on the employees of Lambright’s office.

In response to the comments of Lambright’s employees who expect the taxpayers of Montgomery County to supply them with filtered water or a water service, rather than the faucet water that the lowly plebeians (namely you and me) must drink, The Golden Hammer conducted a brief survey of some local government offices.

Montgomery County Clerk’s Office – The employees may drink faucet water. If they want bottled water, they must purchase it from public vending machines.

Montgomery County Juvenile Supervision – The employees may drink faucet water and purchase their own water to bring to work.

Conroe Independent School District – Employees drink faucet water, unless they bring their own to work.

Magnolia Independent School District – Same policy as CISD.

Montgomery Independent School District – Same policy as CISD.

Management consultant and author Lou Gerstner has written, “When I came to IBM I was a guy who believed in strategy and analysis. What I learned was that corporate culture is not part of the game: It is the game.”

With Lambright’s team, and the anti-citizen culture he has engendered inside his plush offices with profoundly expensive furniture, the taxpaying citizens are losing “the game.”




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