“Krazy Kent” kicks Cook to curb in Conroe, accuses pro-children activists of serving in “cult”

Kent Maggert spoke to Conroe City Council on Thursday, September 12, 2019.

Conroe, September 15 – As he began to speak at the Conroe City Council meeting, Kent Maggert made clear that his importance to the City of Conroe is the fact that he’s a “43 year resident of The Woodlands.” The City Council meeting had absolutely nothing to do with the Conroe Independent School District (CISD), but Maggert wanted the City Council to know that his children and some of his grandchildren “graduated.”

“I am concerned about the attack on the school board and the school board bonds,” Maggert told the crowded room full of people there to conduct business of the city government. Several peace officers reported to this newspaper on condition of anonymity that they reached for their service weapons, as Maggert pulled a newspaper clipping from his folder. The poor man clearly exhibited far greater anger than anything at the City Council meeting warranted.

Maggert derided renowned conservative activist Kelli Cook as a “community member who lives in Willis and is affiliated with the Children’s Hope PAC” for her participation in fighting against Big Government and higher taxes. Of course, Maggert forgot that he spoke to the Conroe City Council by introducing himself as a resident of The Woodlands!

“I’m sure you know who the Children’s Hope PAC is. That is Eric Yollick,” Maggert dramatically disclosed to the roomful of very bored listeners. In reality, of course, the Children’s Hope PAC is the organization which successfully led the fight to defeat the Conroe Independent School District’s $807 million bond package on May 4, 2019.

The Children’s Hope PAC opposes the CISD’s new $677 million bond package set for referendum on November 5, 2019. The latest bond referendum has already resulted in a 4 cent tax rate increase even though the voters have not yet approved it! Children’s Hope PAC has indicated the group would support a $322 million bond package.

Maggert continued, “Most of us know, if you’ve been in this county for 43 years, you know who Eric Yollick is. Maggert read from a headline in The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, “Why Voters Must Crush the $676 Million Bond, then take over Conroe ISD.”

Apparently, the concept of voters “taking over” a governmental entity is a new concept in civics to Maggert.

Maggert then explained, “He [Yollick] has a cult, Kelli Cook, another guy in Willis, another in Montgomery, and another one in Magnolia. And they actively campaigned against the last bond.” (Their “cult” successfully defeated the May 4 bond.)

Maggert believes that citizen organizations which oppose the growth of government, high taxes, and wasteful spending, and which fight for the future of children in the CISD so they don’t enter their adult lives deep in government debt are a “cult.”

Imagine what Maggert must think of the Republican Party of Texas! In Maggert’s world, it must be a “cult” consisting of the millions of voters who follow the likes of “cult” leaders Greg Abbott, the Governor, and James Dickey, the Republican Party of Texas Chairman.

Eric Yollick on a warm Sunday afternoon, contemplating his concern for the future of the children of Montgomery County when Conroe ISD saddles them with massive debt and taxation at the beginning of their adult lives, just so the school district can shovel hundreds of millions of dollars to PBK Architects and other vendors who will enjoy an approximately $204 million profit from the $677 million school bond package set for referendum on November 5, 2019.





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