LSGCD’s Korrupt Kathy (the Wicked Witch of the Water) may have provided a solution to the alleged coming water shortage from climate change

LSGCD’s Korrupt Kathy (the Wicked Witch of the Water) may have provided a solution to the alleged coming water shortage from climate change

Image: Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District General Manager Kathy Turner Jones (center) enjoying the amenities of the Hackberry Rod & Gun Club at LJA Engineering’s corrupt annual “fishing trip” on June 12, 2015, for government officials with government money to give to tax dollar-craving vendors. The Golden Hammer exposed the annual “fishing trip” in 2017 and Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley promptly canceled their participation in the government-titillating adventure.

Conroe, January 19 – Kathy Turner Jones, General Manager of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD), also known as “the Wicked Witch of the Water” or “Korrupt Kathy,” reveals an interesting history on her Twitter feed which such history shows her liberal Big Government Regulatory bias as well as a fascinating argument for the precise reason LSGCD must deregulate groundwater production in Montgomery County entirely and as quickly as possible.

The alternative to deregulation? Drinking sewage.

Korrupt Kathy

Yesterday, The Golden Hammer reported Jones’ remarkable duplicity during the LSGCD Board of Directors’ discussion about utilizing substantial tax dollars to obtain information about the course of water-related legislation during the 86th Texas Legislative Session in Austin and potentially to hire a lobbyist to prosecute LSGCD causes before the Legislature. Jones completely kept quite about the fact that LSGCD has already paid hefty annual dues to the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts (TAGD) for that precise reason and Jones actually sits on the Legislative Committee of that organization.

During the November 6 General Election, Jones utilized LSGCD public resources to campaign against the seven “reform” Board of Directors members who eventually won the election and now sit on LSGCD’s Board. Specifically, Jones used the District’s website to provide favorable information for the pro-regulation candidates, especially those who favored using surface water from the San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA), which, until the election, controlled LSGCD’s Board. Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon had to step in to stop her from continuing to violate the Texas Election Code.

SJRA’s special interest in LSGCD was to ensure that LSGCD’s groundwater production regulations were as strict as possible in order to drive the price of groundwater production up and to restrict it aggressively, so that end users of water would have to purchase surface water from SJRA instead.

In a review of Jones’ Twitter feed, however, The Golden Hammer discovered three interesting additional facts of Jones, whom many now refer to as the “Wicked Witch of the Water” or “Korrupt Kathy.”

First, Jones has promoted the pro-regulation argument which the SJRA’s Jace Houston has espoused as aggressively as possible on social media. She promoted Houston’s and other’s speeches and articles which argued that regulation of groundwater is necessary for the purpose of groundwater conservation.

Second, and perhaps more significantly, it’s clear from Jones’ Twitter feed that she works closely with the corrupt political establishment. Her participation in one of the most corrupt of all political events each year reveals another reason the current Board of Directors should not continue to employ her.

At least in 2015, Jones attended the infamous LJA Engineers’ weekend “fishing trip,” where a majority of Montgomery County’s Commissioners Court and many other members of the glitterati of the Montgomery County political establishment converge at the Hackberry Rod and Gun Club in Hackberry, Louisiana, in mid-June to enjoy great lodging, fishing, gambling, hunting, boating, all the liquor you can hold (and more), and a great time for all outside of the watchful eyes of the citizens of Montgomery County who will remain back at home working hard to earn the money to pay the taxes to support the political establishment’s lifestyle. Please see “BREAKING NEWS! County political establishment converges on county vendor LJA Engineers’ weekend fishing trip,” The Golden Hammer, June 15, 2017.

County government vendor LJA Engineering, Inc., pays for the entire trip except that the glitterati have to pay for their own transportation to the location near Lake Charles. Of course, the arrangements include free use of fishing boats. The fun begins once the glitterati arrive.

LJA Engineering’s President, Jeff Cannon, is the Master of Ceremonies for the annual event.

Regular participants in the corrupt event to receive gifts of lodging, food, drinks, entertainment, and transportation to and from the casinos were:

  • County Judge Craig Doyal
  • Jones
  • Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador
  • Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley
  • County Engineer Mark Mooney
  • Conroe City Councilman Duane Ham
  • former County employee Bill Meador, who is Commissioner Mike Meador’s brother
  • former County Commissioner Ed Chance
  • former County Commissioner Ed Rinehart
  • and many, many more of your so-called “public servants.”

Courtney Brand, LJA’s Director of Public Relations, makes most of the arrangements for the junket and, of course, provides the invitations and itinerary.

LJA Engineers is the recipient of numerous Montgomery County engineering contracts and their officers regularly attend Commissioners Court. For example, LJA received a $187,000 contract recently to manage the construction and engineering of the Montgomery County Airport perimeter road, a pet project of Commissioner Meador.

One of the participants, Tim O’Neil, has warned about the confab, “Could get wild.”

The Hackberry Rod and Gun Club describes itself as follows:

“Originally founded in 1975, Hackberry Rod & Gun boasts some of the best light-tackle saltwater fishing and duck hunting on the entire Gulf Coast. Situated in the southwest corner of Louisiana, the small town of Hackberry has become known as the “Speckled Trout Capital Of The World”.  Famous with sportsmen from all over the United States, Calcasieu Lake and the food rich fertile marshes, offer an opportunity to experience an unequaled fishing or duck hunting trip of a lifetime.

“Under the ownership of Kirk, Guy & Bobby Joe Stansel and their commitment to quality and customer service the lodge has grown into the largest and most respected professional guide service in the country. “The Boys” as they are known began their careers here in the late 70’s as teenagers and still today strive to make each trip the best possible experience.

“We charter up to 16 boats every day staffed with licensed professional guides. Most of who grew up right here on the lake. Dining at the lodge is second to none. Authentic Cajun meals originally cooked  and served by their mother Martha, are still the center piece of our kitchen. If you lose any weight during your stay ‘its’ your fault.’ Our entire staff is professional and full of personality to make your experience enjoyable and memorable.”

The County’s recently-adopted “Code of Ethics” remains a joke.

The far more serious question with respect to LSGCD is why is Jones, the General Manager and a bureaucrat within the District, participating in this corrupt event with elected servants and their friends who shouldn’t – ethically – be there either? Why would Jones accept substantial gifts from a potential vendor of LSGCD or SJRA?

The beautiful Hackberry Rod and Gun Club, Hackberry, Louisiana, June 14, 2017.

The third interesting fact about Jones: she may have discovered the critical argument in FAVOR OF TOTAL DEREGULATION OF GROUNDWATER PRODUCTION!

Twitter post of LSGCD General Manager Kathy Turner Jones, December 6, 2018.

On December 6, 2018, Jones shared an article about the fact that El Paso residents have begun to drink treated sewage water due to the surface water drought on the Rio Grande allegedly as a result of climate change. There’s no doubt that climate change is real, although there are very serious scientific doubts that climate change has an anthropogenic cause.

In the Fox6 news report in El Paso, however, there is a clear warning that surface water resources are rapidly drying as a result of the increase in the Earth’s temperature, whether cause is man-made or not. El Paso residents must face drinking sewage in order to make up the shortfall in surface water.

Nevertheless, thanks to the great research of LSGCD Board member Jim Spigener and his cohort Kirk Osborne of Thinking Edge, L.L.C., it is now clear that Montgomery County is, in fact, the “Saudi Arabia of Water,” because of the gigantic reservoir of groundwater available. As Spigener and Osborne have previously explained, Montgomery County’s groundwater resources are at least 183 million acre feet.

Our 183 million acre feet of groundwater in Montgomery County is enough to cover the entire state of Rhode Island in over 200 feet of water and it is more than New York City could use in 144 years! It’s critical to remember that there is a natural recharge of groundwater constantly, as production occurs.
Osborne explained, “[Montgomery County residents] buying water from the San Jacinto River Authority is like Saudi Arabia buying oil from France!”
As Jones has noted, however, surface water resources, such as what SJRA wants to sell through a regulatory-induced monopoly at monopolistic prices, face grave threats as a result of climate change.
Therefore, responsible adults (such as Montgomery County citizens) should certainly use the massive groundwater resources available to them. Clearly, complete deregulation of groundwater altogether is the only responsible solution.
Otherwise, we’ll all be drinking sewage in our near future.
If groundwater regulators have their way, here’s what your drinking water will look like in the near future, thanks to SJRA’s Jace Houston, LSGCD’s Kathy Turner Jones, and other Big Government liberals.






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