King Doyal issues edict setting citizens as lower class: “An elected official is going to get a little more leeway” says the Royal Doyal

King Doyal issues edict setting citizens as lower class: “An elected official is going to get a little more leeway” says the Royal Doyal

Image: Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal thinks of himself as the King and elected officials as the royal family that surrounds him during the February 13, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting.

Conroe, February 14 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal told a Commissioners Court packed with citizens that they must abide by rules of decorum and should not “denigrate” County Commissioners members while “an elected official is going to get a little more leeway.” Consistent with Doyal’s belief that he is the “King” and elected officials are the “royal family,” Doyal permitted JP James Metts to make several emotional outbursts from the back of the Commissioners Courtroom yesterday while a citizen, Eric Yollick, the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, spoke about serious issues pertaining to the millions of dollars of financial losses arising from Metts’ and the Davenport Ring of corrupt politicians’ use of a failed court fees collection system.

After the citizen presentation ended, Metts presented a weak rebuttal presentation and concluded the presentation as follows:

Metts: “On a note to you, Mr. Yollick, we have a little deal over in Splendora, it’s called a ‘founders day,’ a celebration of the founding of Splendora just about every year, and it’s my understanding they’re gonna bring back the liar’s contest this year and I’d like to invite you to come over there and participate in that, because my money is on you, brother, cuz you’re gonna take first place. So don’t be a hater. Come on over. Have some fun with us, because we look forward to seeing you.”

Despite Doyal’s admonishment to citizens regularly about maintaining decorum in the Courtroom, Doyal did nothing to bring Metts in line with common courtesy or the level of decorum that would be appropriate for the governing body of a half a billion per year County government meeting of the eighth largest County in Texas. Metts failed even to wear clean clothes to the Commissioners Court meeting.

After several outbursts from the back of the Commissioners Courtroom that the County Judge seemed to encourage, JP James Metts turned to address a citizen and taxpayer directly to call him a “liar.” (Metts didn’t bring a clean shirt for the event as the photograph reveals.)

Sadly, the meeting took a turn for the worse as far as Doyal’s terribly arrogant behavior.

As Metts ended his outburst, Doyal said, “That’s a great program and you’ve done a great job for the county. Thank you, Judge, for that presentation.” The room full of members of the public sat in silence while Metts’ court employees whom he ordered to attend the Commissioners Court meeting with him – on County time at the expense of the citizens’ tax dollars – gave him staged applause from the back of the room. No one else in the Commissioners Courtroom joined the staged clapping.

When citizen comments continued later during the meeting, Doyal reminded the lowly citizens, “You’ve been here before. You’ve heard the little spiel [about how people should behave in the Commissioners Court]. I’m not going to go through that again.”

Republican Precinct Chair Ginger Russell of Magnolia spoke and said, “I’m a Montgomery County taxpayer…I’d just like to admonish Judge Doyal and your acceptance of Metts’ outrage here this morning. You address Yollick eye-to-eye contact and criticize him sometimes for coming in here and speaking. But you let people come in here and call other taxpayers liars and you don’t admonish them.”

Vietnam War veteran Bob Holden then addressed the Commissioners Court:

Military veteran Holden: “Before I begin, I want to address an issue. I was shot at a lot when I fought overseas, but I never saw a cheap shot like I saw this morning where an elected official chastisted a citizen of this Conuty without repercussion. I believe there was or is a policy of this court to not permit that kind of behavior.”

At that point, Doyal dropped the bombshell on all of the citizens of Montgomery County when he announced that he and elected officials should receive treatment as a higher political and social class:

Doyal: “…I’ll give an elected official a little bit of leeway…An elected official is going to get a little more leeway.”

Holden tried to point out that Doyal was violating his own policy of courtesy discussion of issues without denigrating any individuals. Doyal would have none of that and repeatedly interrupted Holden whom Doyal did not permit to complete a mere 3-minute citizen comment.

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal may want to take a civics refresher course on who appears at the top of the Montgomery County government’s organizational chart.


In Doyal’s world, elected officials are a higher class who deserve special treatment from him as the King. The mere plebeian citizens may only speak in a manner which Doyal deems polite while elected officials may behave as rudely towards citizens as they please.

There’s no attitude of public service or public sacrifice among Doyal, Metts, or their Commissioners Court elite.








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