Keough, Creighton headline Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC’s first meeting for 2018 election cycle, political glitterati attend (Part 1 of 2)

State Representative Mark Keough, who is running for Montgomery County Judge in the 2018 Republican Primary Election, makes a point about the lack of ethics in the County government during the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC meeting on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

The Woodlands, September 20 – The political gliterrati came out in full force for the Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC’s first meeting during the 2018 election cycle at the stadium offices of The Woodlands Financial Group on Tuesday, September 19, 2018. A heavy turnout of citizens and political activists attended to hear reports and campaign speeches from candidates and elected officials as well as an outstanding talk by Quadvest’s Simon Sequeira on water and property rights issues.

So much occurred at the meeting that The Golden Hammer will provide full coverage of the event in two parts. The second half of this important story will run on Thursday, September 21.

The Patriots PAC’s brilliant President Dr. Julie Turner welcomed the crowd and explained, “We’re going to be ramping up for the elections. We knew this effort would be a marathon and not a sprint. We need to keep looking for good people who represent our values.”

Turner and the PAC presented a “recap” of the 85th Legislative Session in Austin, which State Senator Brandon Creighton and State Representative Mark Keough provided, campaign speeches by conservative candidates running for office in upcoming elections, and a detailed presentation on water rights issues facing Montgomery County from Sequeira.

Mark Keough, State Representative and candidate for Montgomery County Judge

The highlight of the evening was another rousing speech from State Representative Mark Keough who provided more details about his plans should the voters elect him as the next Montgomery County Judge in the Republican Primary Election. Keough faces incumbent Craig Doyal who has overseen the growth of the Montgomery County government by 428% since 2000 during Doyal’s tenure as a Montgomery County Commissioner (Precinct 2) and then County Judge. Doyal has said that he believes “conservative” means to grow government spending by an amount less than population growth plus the rate of inflation. Doyal has rarely even limited his spending habits to that amount.

Keough told the listeners, “I believe Montgomery County has a black eye right now. In the Texas House of Representatives, I talked to many people who asked me what’s going on in Montgomery County, where we have issues with roads, misuse of public funds, and Texas Open Meetings Act violations, among numerous other problems.” Keough’s comment about Texas Open Meetings Act violations was particularly cogent with local political boss Marc Davenport sitting in the audience. Davenport is one of the primary problems the Montgomery County government faces, as he exerts substantial – and corrupt – control over Doyal and other elected officials who are his “clients.”

“We need more accountability these days and that need is not something new here,” Keough said. “My chief of staff [Jason Milksaps] and my wife [Kim Keough] and I felt I could have the greatest impact by taking my legislative experience and leveraging that to impact our County…we need to restore the reputation of Montgomery County and leadership is everything in that effort.”

Keough explained that he will be forthcoming very soon with a detailed plan that will address conflicts of interest, government transparency, fiscal responsibility, local property tax reform, and expense control. Keough thanked Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack for his work on those matters. The State Representative noted that his constituents from Montgomery County called his legislative office in Austin with two primary concerns: property taxes and water.

“We can fix this,” argued Keough in reference to the terrible reputation and local government that Montgomery County citizens currently suffer. “We’ve got to address people who are career politicians who haven’t been in the real world of private enterprise but are now managing other people’s money.”

When Keough finished his soft-spoken remarks, the room broke into thunderous applause.

Several other speakers made major presentations, including Senator Creighton, State Representative candidate Steve Toth, Woodlands Township Chairman Gordy Bunch, Precinct 2 County Commissioner candidate Gregory Parker, Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark, Woodlands Township Director Laura Fillault, and 284th District Court candidate Kristin Bays.

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, will report those speeches in detail tomorrow.

Some of the political glitteratti from left to right: renowned political consultant Joe Williams (sitting), Keough Chief of Staff Jason Millsaps, Woodlands Township Chairman Gordy Bunch, Patriots PAC Technology Director Bill Brenza, State Representative and candidate for County Judge Mark Keough, State Representative candidate Steve Toth, Montgomery County Clerk Mark Turnbull, and Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack.




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