Just like Doyal, Riley, JP Metts is “for sale” to out-of-county money men, as his Campaign Finance Report reveals

JP James Metts is AWOL from the Montgomery County government (other than coming to pick up his fat paycheck).

New Caney and Conroe, May 18 – JP James Metts, who is challenging popular conservative incumbent Precinct 4 Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Clark, has definitely taken some plays from other “establishment” pro-spending, pro-taxation liberals. Just like lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, Metts has taken far more money from outside-of-Montgomery County political contributors than from citizens inside of this community.

Metts filed his 8-day prior to the election Campaign Finance Report on May 14, 2018. The report shows a paltry $21,800 in campaign contributions. Of those contributions, however, $13,250 came from people outside of Montgomery County. (That number does not include a $250 contribution from Jawed Moheet whom Metts lists as from The Woodlands.)

Of Metts’ total contributions, almost two-thirds, or 60.77%, came from outside of Montgomery County. Metts’ largest contributor was Tom Martin of Porter who gave Metts $5,000.

Metts’ expenditures reveal a very troubling relationship the would-be County Commissioner has fostered. At every campaign event, Metts has an entourage of at least two – and sometimes more – convicted felons who attend with him. One of those convicted felons has multiple convictions for drug dealing. It seems rather ironic that Metts would associate with such people when Precinct 4 Constable Rowdy Hayden, who claims he fights against the drug trade, is one of his supporters.

Metts doesn’t just appear in public with his group of convicted felons with whom he surrounds himself. His Campaign Finance Report reveals that Metts actually makes regular payments of $500 per week out of campaign funds to the drug-dealing convicted felon supposedly for “Facebook Operations.”

Metts also paid Houston political consultant Alan Blakemore $1,500 during the reporting period. The Campaign Finance Report continues to reveal Metts’ complete lack of interest in any charity. Rather than giving to charitable events himself, Metts uses campaign funds, which other people give to him, as the source for the charitable donations for which Meets takes credit himself.

To date, Metts has never appeared in a public forum with his electoral opponent, Clark, where the audience or even a moderator could ask them questions concerning issues which the people of Commissioners Precinct 4 face. Metts never responded to the debate challenge from the Publisher of this newspaper. Generally, Metts does not appear to want to have to answer questions about the taxpayers funds he cost the County government to settle the major sexual harassment lawsuit against him, his ongoing sexual relationship with a County employee who directly reports to him, the nepotism in his court office, his failure to spend more than approximately 6 hours per month on his County job for which he receives over $175,000 per year in compensation, his conflicts of interest as a government contractor, the hundreds of thousands of dollars of judgments against him, and the fact that he owns no real property in this community so he won’t care how high he raises property taxes.



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