Judge Wayne Mack Calls for Reform, End to “Establishment” Demagoguery

Editor’s Note: This opinion piece from Judge Wayne Mack is excellent. He’s clearly criticizing the demagogues who are fighting against reform in the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. It seems like every time there’s a sober and serious discussion of reform, Craig Doyal tries to end the meeting with an off-agenda speech bragging about his personal accomplishments. For example, Doyal, with a straight face, actually tried to take personal credit for the population growth of the county. Now, that’s demagoguery on open display.

I agree with Judge Mack that the demagoguery of County Judge Craig Doyal, Commissioner Mike Meador, County Attorney J.D. Lambright, and Commissioner Charlie Riley must stop immediately. It’s time to stop the freewheeling spending, listen to sober proposals to reduce the County budget by $100 million (an easy goal), implement those proposals and a plan to bring much-needed support to our law enforcement departments and community, and bring true ethics reform.

I agree with Judge Mack that we can no longer be a “house divided.” We must unite behind cleaning up the County government and Make Montgomery County Great Again.

The proposals before the Commissioners Court to clean up the County government are detailed and rich with genuine improvements. The demagoguery on the other side of them must cease, and serious discourse from the anti-reformers must begin.

Super argument, Judge Wayne Mack! Thank you for your leadership.

Judge Wayne Mack and Mrs. Mindy Mack on their way to an Inaugural Ball in honor of another great reformer fighting against the “establishment,” President Donald J. Trump.

Judge Mack’s excellent opinion article follows:

Another shining example of what makes Montgomery County so great, and why our county did so well in choosing the right Sheriff Rand Henderson, was the well deserved and earned promotion of Chief Deputy Ken Culbreath, a great, godly man and true servant leader. Also another great example and continuation of why MCSO is by far one of the greatest run sheriff’s offices in Texas as it has been for many years.

It’s even more validation as to why a”Three-Ring Circus of Demagogues” that are only seeking to distract, destruct and destroy needs to stop making our Commissioners Court look like a sideshow in a Three-Ring Circus and a plan that appears to be for chaos, to be relevant and to be in charge, before more businesses looking to come here and bring jobs, assisting in the continued prosperity and growth to our families, that help lower our taxes even more, start looking to go somewhere else, because they’re not enjoying any of this show or rhetoric.

I have been blessed to worked for and with different commissioners (14) and county judges (4) here in Montgomery County since 1986. Montgomery County is awesome and the seventh-fast growing county in the United States for many good reasons. Attempts by a few to make it into a  “house divided” by attacking elected officials and their families is not one of our shining moments.

Always speak only real truth to power with solutions, not chaos; and speak it with respect, not with hidden or ulterior motives. As a nation, we all need to quit just going to church or our places of worship and start being the light of that faith or place of worship and let that light shine. Do not capitalize on the division and ill-gotten gains of the chaos.

We do not need a negative sideshow; we need better solutions and to work together as true servant leadership. Not the abundance of arrogance and the hypocrisy of a few who have learned how to make a lot of noise and cause more chaos to validate only themselves or their point of view.

Just because you stand in a garage and say you are car, doesn’t make you a Mercedes-Benz or a Chevrolet or saying you’re a leader, make you a leader. True leaders need to lead by example.

Give us measurable solutions that can work for the best of everyone. Please stop throwing hand grenades into the commissioners courtroom and playing “gotcha” and then wondering why nobody wants to see or hear the good parts of your argument … Please.

A wise man named Jesus once said, “A House Divided Cannot Stand,” so let’s build our house on the rock and foundation of what is going to continue to make our nation and Montgomery County even greater again. That can only be the foundation of faith, family and freedom and loving our neighbors as ourselves. Just as our Founding Fathers intended the greatest charter of human liberty that the world has ever known, our Constitution, to be. Not our leaders punching each other in the face every chance they get and pretending we the voters are not watching and seeing through the facade of it all.

Give us valid, workable solutions and leadership, not negative sound bites that help sell advertising and inflate the arrogant egos of a few. I apologize to anyone this may offend, but let’s make Montgomery County and our nation even greater again together … please.

Judge Wayne L. Mack is the Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace.



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