JD and Belinda Lambright, your 572,000 closest friends are at your side pulling for you

County Attorney JD Lambright, always the positive leader of Montgomery County.

Conroe, March 8 – Outpourings of prayer, concern, and grief have begun from the entire Montgomery County community – more than 572,000 people – for Montgomery County Attorney JD Lambright who is fighting for his life after a diagnosis of cancer with serious complications. Lambright has fought for open government and public integrity during his two terms as the County Attorney. Lambright’s actions have saved Montgomery County taxpayers millions of dollars, although he had to fight with a freespending Commissioners Court until recently.

Lambright is responsible for the passage of a County Code of Ethics, substantial reforms in the County Attorney’s Office, and efforts to challenge some of the corrupt practices of former County Judge Craig Doyal and some of Doyal’s henchmen. While members of the Commissioners Court certainly don’t always listen to Lambright’s advice, Lambright has consistently attempted to advise the County Judge and the four County Commissioners to follow the law.

Lambright and his beautiful wife, Belinda, who is currently the President of the Lake Conroe Area Republican Women, are two of the most popular individuals in Montgomery County public and social life. They’re always positive and always try to do the right thing.

At times, Lambright has openly challenged proposed Commissioners Court actions, which he felt did not meet the “open government” public policy of the State of Texas.

Lambright’s fight is occurring at a hospital. Sadly, visitors are unable to see the popular leader.

Lambright’s wonderful team, which he assembled, at the County Attorney’s Office has been very tight-lipped about his medical condition. Lambright’s last appearance at a Commissioners Court meeting was a brief visit during the February 12, 2019, meeting, where Lambright looked rather thin and tired.

As an advocate for conservatives, open government, and ethics, Lambright has been a wonderful friend to this newspaper as well as to conservative activists throughout Montgomery County. We all wish our best and send our love to our friends JD and Belinda Lambright. We’re fighting through prayer and good wishes for you.



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