Jarchow withdraws from CD 8 Congressional race, endorses conservative Hullihan, announces Conroe ISD Board candidacy

Jarchow withdraws from CD 8 Congressional race, endorses conservative Hullihan, announces Conroe ISD Board candidacy

Image: Congressional District 8 candidate Ryan Jarchow (left) has withdrawn from that electoral contest and endorsed strongly-funded conservative Jonathan Hullihan (right). Meanwhile, Jarchow has announced other plans of his own.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, November 19 – Ryan Jarchow, the former law enforcement officer who had the strongest performance among the eleven Congressional District 8 candidates at MCPLive.TV’s September 30, 2021, candidate forum, has withdrawn from that race and endorsed strongly-funded conservative attorney Jonathan Hullihan for Congress. Jarchow also announced that he is running for the Board of Trustees of the Conroe Independent School District in the November 8, 2022, General Election.

Jarchow announced,

“I started running for Congress because I felt that we needed change in DC, but I also feel that we need strong leadership here at home. After the outrageous events of Loudoun County, and the Leftists’ relentless push to bring CRT [“critical race theory”] to schools across the country, I believe it is more important than ever now to focus our fight at the local level in order to protect the next generation of American children. With that being said, I have decided to end my campaign for Congress and run for Conroe ISD school board.

“One of the reasons that helps me make this decision is knowing that Jonathan Hullihan will make a great Congressman! I am supporting Jonathan Hullihan for Congress and, if you like the principles of freedom that I stand for, I would ask you to please consider supporting this true American Patriot, because he and I both believe in strong Constitutional policies.”
Hullihan responded,
“I am thankful to have the support of fellow conservative, Ryan Jarchow. He shares my view of limited government, greater individual freedom, and an end to career politicians through a Term Limits Amendment. I have spent my career defending our Constitution and freedoms, and I look forward to the fight ahead with Ryan by my side.”
Hullihan has emerged as the strongest conservative among the crowded field of Congressional District 8 candidates. He’s strong in the sense both of his beliefs and in that his campaign enjoys substantial enough fundraising to give Hullihan a realistic path to victory. He is seeking the Republican nomination in the March 1, 2022, Republican Primary Election.
Jarchow has made clear he’ll now turn his attention to the Conroe Independent School District, which has suffered from numerous issues during the past several years. Three of the current Board of Trustees members will face voters in November: popular school Board President Skeeter Hubert, renowned conservative Dale Inman, and Ray Sanders, who has had a moderate voting record on the Board. Jarchow has not announced the position for which he plans to run.
Although Conroe ISD’s Superintendent Dr. Curtis Null has attempted to claim that the school district does not include “critical race theory” within its curriculum, at least two major incidents have revealed otherwise.
Last May, English teacher Heidi Bardenhagen clearly confronted her white students and accused them of involvement in systemic white oppression of people of color. A student caught the incident on videotape, which graduating Woodlands High School conservative activist Konner Earnest then released to this newspaper. Please see “Woodlands High School English teacher who mouths off ‘critical race theory’ caught on tape, as Earnest, other students fight back,” The Golden Hammer, May 10, 2021, https://thegoldenhammer.net/woodlands-high-school-english-teacher-who-mouthes-off-critical-race-theory-caught-on-tape-as-earnest-other-students-fight-back/
Additionally, CISD’s Assistant Superintendent Tamika Taylor released a videotape of her own to teachers over the summer of 2021 in which she advised instructors who to circumvent the laws banning the teaching of “critical race theory” across the school district. Please see “Conroe ISD Assistant Superintendent Taylor caught on video planning to skirt Texas ‘critical race theory’ prohibition, as Russell challenges school board,” The Golden Hammer, August 18, 2021, https://thegoldenhammer.net/conroe-isd-assistant-superintendent-taylor-caught-on-video-planning-to-skirt-texas-critical-race-theory-prohibition-as-russell-challenges-school-board/




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