James Metts’ Corruption: Why Voters Should Get Rid of the Davenport Ring, Part 7

Right to left: Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts, “sworn deputy” Marc Davenport.

New Caney, March 1 – JP James Metts, who incredibly is seeking a promotion on March 6 in the Republican Primary to Precinct 4 County Commissioner is easily one of the most corrupt member of the Davenport Ring, the corrupt group of politicians and elected officials who have taken their direction from local political boss Marc Davenport. Readers of The Golden Hammer are probably familiar with Metts for:

  • Forcing the Montgomery County government to settle a $45,000 sexual harassment lawsuit because Metts repeatedly demanded sex from a County employee who worked in his office, whom Metts threatened to hit if she wouldn’t have sex with him, and whom Metts fired for ultimately spurning him. After the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made formal findings against Metts, and the lady filed a federal lawsuit, the County government decided to cut its losses in March, 2014.
  • Having hundreds of thousands of debts, judgments, and tax liens against him.
  • Killing a man in a motor vehicle accident which Metts ultimately settled with the man’s estate after a lawsuit was filed.
  • Having a current sexual relationship with a County employee who is a direct-report to him in his JP 4 court office.
  • Having one of the most inefficient Justice of the Peace courts in Texas, because Metts rarely shows up for work and has failed to establish a system to collect fees and fines that his court has imposed efficiently. Metts is costing taxpayers over $800,000 per year.

Metts, however, believes that the foregoing conduct merits him a promotion to handle a County Commissioner budget almost eight times the budget that Metts mishandles as a JP.

Metts has two strong opponents in the March 6 Republican Primary Election. The following is a comparison among Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark, MCHD Board member Bob Bagley, and Metts;

There are aspects of Metts’ corruption that voters should remember when they head to the polls to choose their County Commissioner for Precinct 4, which is East Montgomery County. First, Metts has repeatedly lied about the role of corrupt local political boss, Davenport, in his campaign:

  • Davenport has managed Metts’ campaigns in 2002 through the present. In a December, 2017, newspaper article, Metts and Davenport identified Davenport as Metts’ “campaign spokesman.” After sexual abuse allegations arose against Davenport on February 16, Metts lied by stating that Davenport has never had anything to do with Metts’ campaign for County Commissioner in 2018. In fact, Davenport managed and put together Metts’ sparsely-attended campaign kickoff event on December 9.
  • At County employee meetings Metts attended in recent years, Metts has brought Davenport with him to those meetings, even though The Golden Hammer confirmed Davenport has never been a County government employee. Metts introduced Davenport as Metts’ “sworn deputy” and forced the other employees to allow Davenport into the meeting.
  • Metts has continuously allowed Davenport to introduce himself to the news media as the “spokesman for the Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace” since 2003.

Metts has tainted three of the other four Justice of the Peace Courts in Montgomery County. Only Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace Edie Connelly has refused to follow Metts’ lead into using Graves Humphries Stahl law firm to collect fees and fines. As a result the collections and case dispositions of the other four JP courts has been terrible, as the following chart reveals:

Sources: Texas Office of Court Administration; Montgomery County.

Metts has worked closely with Davenport to boost the Phonoscope deep fiber optic cable installations which have occurred in East Montgomery County even though the Commissioners Court has never approved Phonoscope and has no contract for the installations. Davenport has explained that he hopes to set up real estate investment trusts to sell Phonoscope’s cable service in Montgomery County to municipalities, homeowners associations, and private developers, while using the County government fiber optic cable system that they’re surreptitiously installing as a trunk line. Metts’ office was one of the first locations in Montgomery County for the unauthorized installation of the Phonoscope fiber optic cable system.

Metts has one of the worst nepotism records in Montgomery County. He, of course, employs his girlfriend. He’s also employed his first cousin, the mother of a friend, and the mother of his closest political ally. As County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport has said, “Nepotism is an abuse of power.” Metts is one of the worst abusers of power. (So is Stephanne Davenport.)

In one significant respect Metts’ decision to run for Precinct 4 County Commissioner is fortunate for voters. Since Metts is leaving his JP position behind to run for Commissioner, voters have an opportunity to get rid of Metts once and for all.




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