It’s time for Doyal to discipline fredricks

jim fredricks, “chief of staff,” doing anything but working for the County.

It’s time for Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal to discipline his “chief of staff” jim fredricks. fredricks makes $118,000 per year in salary as a County employee, plus, of course, the massive benefits that Doyal pays since he has failed to do anything to control County spending. Let’s look at fredricks’ track record:

March 28, 2017: fredricks got home early yesterday and was sound asleep by mid-afternoon in the middle of a County work day. Since the weather was nice, it’s probably not a big surprise that Doyal wasn’t in his office either.

March 24, 2017: fredricks joined in a meeting that directly violated Section 2.10 of the County Employee Policy Manual by taking disciplinary action against a County employee, Animal Shelter Director Charles W. Jackson, that was actually nothing but a political “witch hunt” against Jackson who has worked closely with conservative County Commissioners James Noack (Precinct 3) and Jim Clark (Precinct 4). While the ruse in the bizarre meeting in bizarre meeting which fredricks and Doyal conduct was some sort of wrongdoing by Jackson, it rapidly became apparent that fredricks and Doyal were actually fishing for mud against their political nemesis Noack. They had no evidence whatsoever of any sort of wrongdoing by Jackson. If they had, the only proper method of dealing with such a situation would have been an investigation through the County’s Human Resources Department. Instead, fredricks and Doyal pulled the worst of bonehead stunts and caused the “rock star” Animal Shelter Director Jackson to resign from the County just four days later.

October, November, and December, 2017: fredricks attempted to intimidate the Human Resources Department and its Director Dodi Shaw and Assistant Director Kathy Flowers into acquiescing to Judge Doyal’s staunch attempt to garner a promotion for his daughter within the County Treasurer’s Department.

June and July, 2017 – While Doyal was “out of the office,” fredricks completely messed up the County’s “budget hearings” which were actually a whole lot of nothing.

fredricks is “chief of staff” over 2 secretaries. He doesn’t “chief” over anything. He doesn’t know how to manage. He has a real estate brokerage as a side job. He also advertises a private public relationship office which he claims to run on the side. But meanwhile, the taxpayers are paying him $118,000 to do nothing but create complete havoc inside the County government.

A bit of discipline is certainly in order. C’mon, $6 Billion Man (Doyal)! Take charge of your employee.



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