It’s nice to be the Prince: Commissioner Meador’s son Gary got the property tax break you’ve been wanting

It’s nice to be the Prince: Commissioner Meador’s son Gary got the property tax break you’ve been wanting

Image: Perhaps, it was the little tree blocking Gary Meador’s lakefront view that led to the lower property tax appraisal.

Montgomery and Conroe, May 11 – It’s nice to be the Prince; that’s Gary Meador, son of Precinct 1 County Commissioner Montgomery Central Appraisal District (MCAD) Board member Mike Meador. Unlike the vast majority of regular folks in Montgomery County, Gary Meador enjoyed a $64,580 reduction in his property tax valuation of his home in the ritzy and rapidly growing subdivision of Harbor Side where the vast majority of homes are rising in their property tax valuations.

Mike Meador serves on the Board of Directors of MCAD which sets the reappraisal policy for the taxing mechanism under the provisions of the Texas Tax Code. The appraisal staff, including the Chief Appraiser, works for the Board of Directors which also includes Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, former Precinct 3 County Commissioner Ed Chance, Bruce Tough, and Tom Cox as well as Meador. The local taxing authorities elect them to the MCAD Board of Directors, so it’s not surprising that they’d follow policies that continuously raise property tax appraisals so that those taxing entities can raise taxes and government spending without raising the tax rates each year.

Some of the famous Meador flowers at the palatial home of Prince Gary Meador.

Gary Meador’s home is a palatial 4,102 square foot home on 1.548 acres of lakefront property. It’s a gorgeous spread with swimming pool, fountains, and, of course, the flowers for which the Meador family is known to love. (Mike Meador spends your tax dollars sprucing up the Montgomery County Airport and his Precinct Office with thousands of dollars of flowers usually taken out of his road and bridge funds.) The Harbor Side subdivision is one of the most beautiful lakefront subdivisions in all of the Lake Conroe area. New homes are slowly rising in value (although Meador and a couple of his neighbors enjoyed substantial reductions this year.)

For 2016, Gary Meador’s home had a $579,750 valuation from MCAD. But Dad and his MCAD were able to give Gary a break this year in the form of a reduction to a valuation of $515,170, a $64,580 reduction. Meador’s home has one of the lowest valuations on a per square foot basis of any home in Harbor Side. A neighbor two houses down from Gary Meador owns a 528 square foot smaller home on less property than Gary Meador with a valuation that is $19,500 higher than Prince Gary.

Prince Gary Meador, son of MCAD Director and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador.



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