It’s Hammer Time to host conservative activist Daniel at noon Friday May 8

Brilliant MCPLIVE.TV President and Producer Bill Brenza.

Bill Brenza, Guest Reporter to The Golden Hammer

Montgomery County, May 8 – “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular Facebook Live and YouTube show at MCPLive.TV, will host an May 8, 2020, 12 noon, show in which the guest will be Angela Daniel, who has recently moved to Montgomery County from Oklahoma but was a prominent conservative political activist in Oklahoma.  The talented Reagan Reed, Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party, will continue to host the show.

The producers of the show anticipate Reed and Daniel will discuss issues related to the COVID-19 crisis and Daniel’s efforts to protest the government shutdowns and lockdowns with COVID-19 as a pretext for governmental largesse. Daniel was one of the organizers of the “Re-Open Texas” rally which occurred in front of the Montgomery County Courthouse on Saturday, May 2.

Reed explained Daniel’s biography to The Golden Hammer in an exclusive interview: “Angela Daniel is originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and moved to Texas in 2014. She is a homeschool mom, and hasn’t been actively involved in politics since 2012. She served as the state committeewoman, vice chair, and ultimately the chair of Pawnee County, Oklahoma’s Republican Party, holding these various positions from 2007 to 2012. She also served on the state Republican Party Platform Committee twice. She was the coordinator of the Tulsa Ron Paul Headquarters during the 2012 presidential campaign. She organized a very successful March Against Monsanto in Tulsa in 2013, and stepped away from politics and activism at that time. Although she’d prefer to be playing with her children, she feels the overreaction to the strain if the coronavirus first identified in 2019, and the subsequent loss of our constitutional rights forces her to take a stand at this time.”

Callers will have the opportunity to speak directly with Rogers and Daniel during the show by calling 832.990.9170 during the live presentation.

The show will air from 12 noon to 1 p.m., Friday, May 8, 2020, and will continue with encore presentations throughout the weekend.

To watch the show, please go to MCP.TV on Facebook or YouTube. To call in with a question, please call 832.990.9170 during the live presentation.

MCPLive.TV is the brainchild of Bill Brenza, its President and Executive Producer. “It’s Hammer Time” airs live every Friday at noon.



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