“It’s Hammer Time” to host Congressional candidate Ryan Jarchow at noon today

Republican Congressional candidate Ryan Jarchow.

Bill Brenza, Special Reporter to The Golden Hammer

Montgomery County, October 15 – “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular Facebook Live and YouTube show at MCP.TV airing at 12 noon today, Friday, October 15, 2021, will host Congressional candidate Ryan Jarchow, who displayed a strong performance at the Congressional Candidate Forum for candidates seeking the Republican nomination to the seat from which Congress Kevin Brady will retire at the end of 2022.

Jarchow’s official campaign biography follows:

Jarchow was born in 1987, the younger of two sons, to a loving mother and father, who are still married today. Having been born about 3 months premature, Ryan’s earliest life challenges inspired his devotion to protecting the rights of the unborn. Ryan spent most of his childhood years in North Carolina and Georgia, where he developed strong bonds with his family and friends.

Ryan’s interest in politics began in high school, where he surrounded himself with an intelligent group of friends with whom he would regularly discuss current events. Although politics was always a passion of his, Ryan would not develop a desire to run for office until later in life.

After college, Ryan spent his adult life working in different industries, including retail, law enforcement, factory manufacturing, and even entertainment. After meeting the love of his life and getting married, Ryan decided it was time to give back to the country that had given him so much.

Ryan has lived in Conroe since 2019 with his wife, Megan (a native Texan), and their dog, Vixey. With continuous love and support from both of their families, Ryan and Megan are living happily married today in their first house.

The show will air from 12 noon to 1 p.m. today, Friday, October 15, and will continue with encore presentations throughout the weekend.

To watch the show, please go to MCP.TV on Facebook or YouTube.

MCP.TV and MCPLive.TV are the brainchildren and the network, which the brilliant Bill Brenza, its President and Executive Producer, created. “It’s Hammer Time” airs live every Friday at noon.



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