“It’s Hammer Time” to air at noon today, asking the tough questions to Reed, Whatley

The resemblance between Martin Luther, on October 31, 1517, and Reagan Michael Reed on October 31, 2017, is truly striking!

Conroe, June 8 – “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular show that renowned television Producer-Director Bill Brenza has brought to Montgomery County airwaves, will air today at 12 noon on Facebook and YouTube, on MCP.TV. The host, who is the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, will interview Republican leader Reagan Reed and Montgomery County Hospital District Board member Georgette Whatley.

There are a lot of important issues to discuss with both of the guests.

Reed is directly involved with the current proposal to change the structure of the local Montgomery County Republican Party. He’s also involved in the upcoming State Republican Party Convention. Of course with Reed’s activism – especially posting 95 Theses on the Sadler Administration Building and his recent detention during the April 24, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting – there’s always the question whether authorities will permit Reed to come to the broadcast studio for the show on his own power.

Whatley is the owner of ASAP Bail Bonds among many other things with which she’s involved. So, perhaps, Whatley will be able to bail Reed out in time for the show!



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