“It’s Hammer Time” show to host discussion of Magnolia tax hike referendum, public education with conservative Republican leaders Cook, Russell

Conservative Republican leaders Kelli Cook and Ginger Russell at Lake Windcrest on Thursday, July 19, 2018.

Montgomery County, July 20 – “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular Facebook Live/YouTube show will host conservative Republican leaders Ginger Russell and Kelli Cook at 12 noon today, Friday, July 20, 2018. The ever-animated Cook and Russell will discuss the August 14, 2018, Magnolia Independent School District tax hike referendum during the first half of the show.

In the second half of the show, the host and guests will engage in a more theoretical discussion about public education in general. The host will ask Cook and Russell to explain the whole theory behind education that the state publicly funds and administers.

Cook and Russell are the perfect guests for these topics. They’re the leaders of the anti-tax hike campaign with respect to the August 14 Magnolia ISD referendum. Despite the summer heat Cook and Russell have been out block-walking against the referendum for approximately a week so far. They’re genuine experts and activists on that issue.

The more cerebral discussion during the second half of the show also reflects what special guests are the two ladies. Cook is the Gulf Coast Region Chair of the Campaign for Liberty, the grassroots organization of former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul. Cook actually worked for the Magnolia ISD early in her career. Russell serves as a “watch dog” for the Magnolia ISD and has criticized many of their curriculum and administrative programs. Besides serving as a Republican Precinct Chair in Magnolia, Russell is one of Texas’ leading authorities on home-schooling.

Ultimately, Cook and Russell are two fun ladies to have around any television experience. They should provide great information and entertainment for “It’s Hammer Time” viewers at noon for the live program or during encore viewings thereafter.



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