Is the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office facing a crisis? Latest patrol officers’ letter raises additional concerns

Is the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office facing a crisis? Latest patrol officers’ letter raises additional concerns

Image: Cover photograph of Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson’s Official Facebook page.

Conroe, April 20 – Is the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office facing a crisis? It’s certainly been a rough year for the Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Rand Henderson, and the men and women who work very hard to keep Montgomery County safe. Additional patrol officer(s) have submitted a new letter expressing concerns about the Sheriff’s Office under the name “A Montgomery County Deputy and Whistle Blower.” While this newspaper is aware of the identity of the primary author of the previous letter, we will respect his request for anonymity and the same request of a number of his colleagues who contributed to the letter and shared his views.

Sheriff Henderson has begun to open his executive office to make himself more available to his troops. Henderson has also engaged in more management-by-wandering-around than he had before the end of February 28, 2018. In discussions with The Golden Hammer, Sheriff Henderson has shown a lot of humility and also a lot of eagerness to address problems inside the Sheriff’s Office. This newspaper hopes that this article, and the discussions that will likely arise from it, will aid in those reform efforts.

The entire text of the latest letter, dated April 14, 2018, from the patrol officer(s) follows:

“As an anonymous MCSO Deputy and whistle blower…I feel the need to address additional concerns about the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Rand Henderson recently responded to “A letter from Patrol Deputies” in an interview with The Golden Hammer.

“I’d like him to know…his troops do understand chain-of-command. Very well actually. Hundreds of Deputies are not confused or stupid. We also understand that under Rand Henderson’s administration, if you disagree with anything you will be retaliated against.

“Under this totalitarian rule, dozens of Deputies are seeking positions at other agencies. All the Constables’ Offices are inundated with requests for employment. The great flight from Rand is not over. Other Montgomery County police agencies have no openings and have long lists of Sheriff’s Deputies waiting for open slots. Maybe the Commissioners should give some of the nearly 100 unfilled Deputy slots at the Sheriff’s Office to the Constables, so we can get Montgomery County the coverage our citizens deserve.

“Along with unrealistic demands placed on Patrol and Detectives, one of the initial discords was with the comp time burn down. Personnel accrue comp time instead of paid overtime. Those with higher comp time numbers were forced to take off work when they did not want to, were forced to. Personnel were forced to take time off, some weeks and weeks off when their supervisor deemed. We were forced to work overtime on the Sheriff’s Office schedule and then…burn it when a supervisor scheduled you to do so. I thought comp time meant my compensation time that I could use when my family could enjoy vacation with me. The huge mandatory burn down pushes resulted in massive shortages in personnel and those that did not have a lot of comp time could not get time off because so many were forced to take off. Rand has the authority to do this, but does this sound like someone who cares about his people?

“Rand keeps stating that he REALLY loves us. He took our coats in mid-December of last year to put HIS patch on them. Deputies were outside in 20-degree weather with no coats. We worked for almost two weeks like that. Would you place someone you loved in 20-degree weather without a jacket or coat? And I mean on scene and conducting traffic control for extended periods of time. We were forbidden to wear any coat or jacket at all. We were told to layer up, but no jackets or coats. How very arrogant and how dangerous this was. Forcing Deputies to work in below freezing weather without proper protection from the elements is not how I would express my affection. I guess if you want to keep a job here your own administration might kill you. The risk you run.

“This administration left dozens of new patrol cars sitting in a lot for months and months because they did not have the money to stripe and equip them. When the cars were finally sent to the field, it was without Radar. No money! Radar is among the most basic of all patrol equipment. Where is the money going? A lot of it is going to education for the upper echelon. They have brass traveling all over the state, staying in hotels and in number of cases flying to other states. Airfare, hotels, cost of these pricy education events costs an enormous amount of taxpayer money. I guess these folks didn’t get much from their classes due to the lack of this administration’s success. And they are constantly remodeling offices and war rooms. Would be nice if the County Judge ordered an outside audit.

“Ok, moving on to the Captains behaving badly…A Sergeant has bragged about taking the Jail Captain’s TCOLE classes for him and getting his certifications for him. Could this be true? Not sure why someone would brag about this. If it’s not true, then that sergeant lied. Perhaps a polygraph would clear the air. Liar or cheat, which one? I’m sure I am held to a higher standard. Cheat and criminal is very low standard and sadly, that is the standard for these supervisors. This ruse could easily be detected by checking the computers in the transport office. it would be nice if no one wiped or replaced them before the DA can check them. And yes, a copy of this is going to the DA and TCOLE.

“Someone should start a blog…Captains behaving badly. (Randy Eaves excluded.)

“Rand’s new administration ran off a bunch of older deputies. They didn’t want them anymore. Guess what? They are hiring deputies that look like they need a walker. This due to the mass exodus. I have a quite a few more years before I can retire. I sure hope the Constables get more positions, so I can get out of here.

“After reading Rand Henderson’s reply in his interview with The Golden Hammer, I am certain that the Emperor still does not realize, he wears no clothes. And, 15 months into his administration, he is still blaming Tommy Gage for his failures. Please stop.

“Lots more topics to discuss…

“A Montgomery County Deputy and Whistle Blower.”



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