Is Charlie Riley really Gary Walsh? (Part 3 of a 2-Part series???)

The character Gary Walsh in the HBO television series “Veep” played by actor Tony Hale.

Magnolia, May 4 – In the television show “Veep” there’s a character Gary Walsh who is the “bag man” for the main character in the show who is an elected official constantly running for higher office. The writer of the show explained that Gary’s loyalty to Selina Meyer, the candidate, stems from the idea that the character “is one of those guys who never really had an identity. He attached himself to people to find who he was.”

Charlie Riley, Precinct 2 County Commissioner, seems to be one of those guys. Even though one of Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s closest friends, Brian Dawson, is running against Riley for County Commissioner in the 2018 election, Riley remains loyal to Doyal, who was his longtime boss when Riley worked as Operations Manager for Doyal when Doyal was the County Commissioner of Precinct 2. Riley votes with Doyal consistently every time in the Commissioners Court. Riley votes to consolidate Doyal’s political power as County Judge, even though those votes actually harm Riley by providing more political power to his tacit political foe Doyal, the supporter of Dawson. Riley votes to give more money to the County government for the programs which Doyal now seeks to control and grow. Riley even votes against his constituents many of whom actually are real “conservatives.”

Charlie Riley seems to be one of those guys who never really had an identity. He attached himself to Doyal and, even when Doyal acts to harm him, he remains attached to the person who defines his identity.

MCAD Board member and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley enjoying a cold one at Mike Meador’s “camp” party and fundraiser, May, 2015.



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