Inman’s election to Conroe ISD Board historic

Inman’s election to Conroe ISD Board historic

Image of three strong conservatives, left to right: Montgomery County Judge-Elect Mark Keough, Conroe Independent School District Trustee-Elect Dale Inman, and activist Weston Martinez.

Conroe, November 9 – Baptist preacher and businessman Dale Inman’s election on November 6, 2018, to the Conroe Independent School District (CISD) Board of Trustees was historic, because it was the first time a conservative won election to the CISD Board without getting an endorsement from incumbent members of the Board. The CISD’s Board of Trustees has protected the anti-citizen administrative bureaucracy of the school district for several decades by working hard to fill Board vacancies with hand-selected replacements.

In the November 6 election, the “establishment” crowd had clearly chosen Theresa Wagaman to replace Melanie Pryor Bush, who successfully ran for Montgomery County Treasurer. Bush had helped to recruit Wagaman and endorsed her for the position. The Riley PAC, the fake group which Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, his campaign manager Kristin Nichole, and several of his most slavish adherents created under the misleading name “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” endorsed Wagaman against Inman, because the Riley PAC opposed conservatives and supported several democrats in their efforts.

Inman, however, received the endorsements of numerous conservative leaders, the Texas Patriots PAC, the Montgomery County Tea Party, and The Golden Hammer. Inman made clear that he would consider the interests of taxpayers as well as the children in a more balanced approach than the majority of the current Board of Trustees which follows the dictates of CISD’s bureaucracy.

During the final week of Early Voting, the Riley PAC put the full court press on to try to elect Wagaman over Inman. They even pulled people out of Magnolia, who didn’t vote in the CISD election and who had been campaigning for ultra-liberal democrat Jay Stittleburg, to deploy their very limited resources to Conroe and The Woodlands which are within the geographic jursdiction of CISD.

Inman stunned the “establishment” by winning by more than a 5,000 vote margin as shown in the following table from the Montgomery County Elections Adminstrator.

Source: Montgomery County Election Administrator

Inman received 37.42% of the vote to Wagaman’s 28.56%. Liberal democrat Kathleen Harmatuk-Swisher, only received 17.43% of the vote, while Paul K. Piper, who enjoyed the first position on the ballot, received 16.59%.

Inman’s election is historic, because he arose from the “grassroots conservative” movement that has come to dominate the Montgomery County Republican Party since the March 2018 Republican Primary Election when voters took action to elect conservative Republicans as the majority of the Precinct Chairs in the Republican Party’s County Executive Committee. Inman is one of those conservative Republican Precinct Chairs.

Several conservatives approached Inman over the weekend before the filing deadline for the CISD electoral contest. Inman filed on the last day to do so and didn’t receive the support of any incumbent members of the Board of Trustees.

Inman worked closely with conservatives throughout his campaign and also served as Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party’s Victory 2018 Steering Committee, which organized several hundred volunteers who helped to spur record turnout in this mid-term election.

“The Lord, my family, and the great grassroots volunteers of the Montgomery County Republican Party were instrumental to my campaign. I surfed on their waves,” Inman told The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper. “I look forward to bringing a fresh and independent perspective to this government entity, which has the highest taxation of any in Montgomery County, to my position on the Board.”



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