In the corrupt Montgomery County government, getting arrested for DWI provides ultimate paid vacation

In the corrupt Montgomery County government, getting arrested for DWI provides ultimate paid vacation

Image: If you’re an employee of the Montgomery County government, here’s what the experience of getting arrested for DWI looks like.

Conroe and New Caney, January 9 – In the corrupt Montgomery County government, there are some great ways to get the ultimate paid vacation. Basically, one of the most interest methods is a two-step process.

STEP #1: Find a job in the Montgomery County government. The salaries are outrageously high and there is no oversight whatsoever, because elected servants believe they do not have any obligation to answer to anyone. Along with the high salaries, the benefits are far better than almost any blue-chip corporation in America and usually amount to more than forty percent (40%) of the salaries.

STEP #2: After you’ve gotten your job, you should drink heavily, drive your car, and get arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. (Hopefully, readers of The Golden Hammer recognize the sarcastic disgust.)

Here’s how it all works.

There an administrative assistant by the name of Jana Lee Lea who works in Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden’s office. Lea fulfills secretarial duties (when she’s there). Lea provides administrative support to the certified peace officers who work in the Constable’s Office.

Lea receives a salary of $77,787.60 per year. She also pulls in another $31,348.40 in employee benefits, for total taxpayer-funded compensation of $109,136.00.

According to statistics which the U.S. Department of Commerce have compiled, the average salary for a senior administrative assistant in the Greater Houston area is $39,000 per year. Lea makes almost three times that amount.

Check off STEP #1 as complete.

On September 15, 2018, Lea was arrested for “operating a motor vehicle in a public place…[when she] was then and there intoxicated” in south Montgomery County. Lea was charted with a Class B misdemeanor, went to Jail, but bonded out with a $600 bond.

Under the policy handbook of Constable Hayden’s Office, an employee who faces criminal charges “may be placed on suspension.” Hayden placed Lea on suspension in late September, 2018.

Since Hayden and the Montgomery County government are sensitive to legal matters, such as the United States Constitution, Hayden suspended Lea with full pay.

Since late September, more than three months ago and right through the holiday season, Lea has enjoyed a full suspension with pay. In other words, the Montgomery County taxpayers have paid Lea $27,284 to do nothing, because Lea was arrested for driving while drunk.

Check off STEP #2 as complete.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon has attempted to take a very serious approach towards individuals who drive while they’re intoxicated.

Nevertheless, Constable Hayden is one of the primary law enforcement officers who is responsible for enforcing laws against DWI. Look at the system Hayden has engendered by giving a paid vacation to Lea.

What a fabulous opportunity for those individuals who go through two step process!

If Lea is convicted, she should pay every penny of those funds she received during her vacation back to the taxpayers on whose back she enjoyed the ultimate vacation.



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