In show of enormous unity, Montgomery County Republican Party condemns divisive “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” calls upon Governor Abbott to veto SB 11

In show of enormous unity, Montgomery County Republican Party condemns divisive “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” calls upon Governor Abbott to veto SB 11

Image: Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman Wally Wilkerson presided over a County Republican Party Executive Committee on Tuesday, June 4, 2019, in which the Party celebrated enormous unity in (1) condemning the divisive “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” which Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and his social party planner created, and (2) calling upon Texas Governor Greg Abbott to veto Senate Bill 11 which passed the Texas Legislature two weeks ago.

Conroe, June 4 – Wally Wilkerson, Chairman, and Reagan Reed, Vice Chairman, presided over an enormously unified meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP) in which the elected Precinct Chairs celebrated the strength of the Grand Old Party and the cohesion which the new Party leadership under Reed and the Steering Committee have shown since June, 2018. By a landslide margin of 25 votes in favor to only 15 against, the GOP County Executive Committee condemned the divisive “Republican Voters of Texas PAC,” which Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley and his social party planner created in order to try to defeat conservative candidates.

The MCRP also condemned the divisive behavior of the PAC’s president, Maritza Ghiselle “Ritzy” Fletcher, vice president John Webb, and treasurer Linda Stuckey for “destructive, divisive, deceptive, [and] spiteful activity within the Montgomery County Republican Party.” The Riley-sponsored PAC published a “hit list” of conservative leaders the fake Republican group hopes to defeat and, during the November 2018 General Election, “worked to defeat any and all…Republicans who stand in support of the RPT [Republican Party of Texas] Rules, Texas Election ode and the newly adopted MCRP bylaws.”

With 62.5% voting in favor of the resolution to end the terribly divisive behavior of the fake Riley PAC, the Republican Party announced that it “condemns and denounces the…[fake] PAC and demands that they cease and desist their bad faith use of the word ‘Republican’ in the name of their PAC and that they immediately discontinue this type of destructive, divisive, deceptive, spiteful activity…”

In past elections, Wilkerson has personally condemned the “Conservative Voters of Montgomery County,” a political action committee which Riley paid in 2018 to endorse a slate of candidates he favored in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election.

The author of the “Resolution Condemning Deceptive Electioneering by the Republican Voters of Texas PAC” is Henry Daniels, the elected Republican Precinct Chairman of Conroe’s Voting Precinct 40.

During the brief debate on the resolution, one Precinct Chairman stated that he realized that every word of the Resolution was true but he chose to vote against it anyway. In response, another Precinct Chair said, “So you’re going to vote against the truth?”

Precinct 35 GOP Chairman Jon Paul Bouche, who is also an elected Board of Directors member of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, explained that Riley and his party planner had formed the fake PAC to oppose the MCRP after the Republican Party of Texas’s State Republican Executive Committee voted unanimously – including Senatorial District 3 Republican Committeewoman Judy Parada – that MCRP had properly adopted Bylaws and followed State Rules and the Texas Election Code. In response, Wilkerson, in bizarre fashion, proclaimed that MCRP is not “a part of the Republican Party of Texas.” Since those turbulent times in 2018, Wilkerson has begun to cooperate in some ways with the unifying leadership of conservative elected Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and his team of elected officers, including Bouche, Treasurer John Hill Wertz, Secretary Rachel Bingham, and others.

Despite the unifying efforts of Reed and his leadership team, Riley and his social planner have continued to oppose the MCRP at every turn.

Precinct 74 Precinct Chair Ginger Russell, who is also the Magnolia Area Chair for the Republican Party and assists and oversees the work of the Magnolia area Precinct Chairs, and who is a renowned expert on public education issues, threw her support behind the Resolution during the debate, after she explained that Riley’s fake PAC seemed “to target conservative Republicans.” Russell, also known as “The Quiet Lady From Magnolia, for her softspoken demeanor, has spent considerable time with Riley and is actively involved in Republican women’s clubs.

Bouche said, “I was so happy to see the enormous unity the Resolution engendered. The Montgomery County Republican Party is stronger than it has ever been in its history. We were the state leader among Republican County Parties in the November, 2018, General Election. I’m excited about our future.”

Magnolia Precinct 66 Chairman Adrian Kaiser authored a resolution calling upon Governor Greg Abbott to veto Senate Bill 11, the giant bill which passed the Texas Legislature and will cost Texas taxpayers over $200 million according to the Legislative Budget Board, a research arm of the Senate and House of Representatives. Many Republicans have opposed that legislation, as they claim it will permit local school systems to become involved in making mental health diagnoses of children attending public schools and will allow “for the collection of data of underage students for use in determining funding allocations” as well as for the creation of another state agency to regulate local school districts.

Senate Bill 11 went to the Governor on May 28, 2019. Governor Abbott has not yet signed the bill into law, but he did declare that it was one of his legislative priorities.



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