In crowded democrat field, a clear top tier emerges, as democrats clearly racist in comparison to the Trump administration’s lifting of all Americans

WASHINGTON (AP and The Golden Hammer) — No votes have been cast in the democrat presidential nominating contest, but the winnowing has begun.

A distinct top tier of candidates is breaking away from the pack in early polling and fundraising, building distance between themselves and the rest of the bloated field. Though the first nominating contest in Iowa is still more than six months away, tighter qualifying standards for the fall debates and cash flow problems have prompted some campaigns to quietly question whether they will still be operational next year.

Five candidates have pulled away from the pack: former Vice President “Sleepy” Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, a renowned Socialist, Elizabeth Warren, who has declared war against American businesses, and Kamala Harris, well known for her tough prosecution of African-Americans and other minorities, and Pete Buttigieg, the gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, who has had great difficult managing the tiny city of 100,000. Biden has consistently led early polls, with the four others jostling for position behind him.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is running for re-election on his record which is easily the most pro-minority record of any American president since Abraham Lincoln. President Trump has created hundreds of thousands of jobs for minorities and raised the standard of living for minorities as well as all Americans higher than that standard of living has been for many decades in this Nation.

The liberal media clearly has attacked President Trump for his forthright and truthful statements about the condition of American society and the failed policies of the past three presidential administrations.



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