In “critical race theory” article, National Review cites The Golden Hammer’s coverage of Texas Federation of Republican Women hypocrisy

In “critical race theory” article, National Review cites The Golden Hammer’s coverage of Texas Federation of Republican Women hypocrisy

Image: The National Review, in this July 13, 2021, article, cited The Golden Hammer‘s coverage of the Texas Federation of Republican Women’s involvement in opposing “critical race theory” prohibition legislation in Texas.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Washington, D.C., and Conroe, July 22 – The National Review cited The Golden Hammer‘s coverage of the Texas Federation of Republican Women’s (TFRW) involvement in opposing the Texas “critical race theory” prohibition, which Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law in June over the objection of TFRW and Black Lives Matter (BLM). The article appeared on July 13, 2021, under the headline “Dueling Texas CRT/Civics Bills Test Abbott, Patrick, and West” in The National Review‘s online edition.

In “Texas Federation Of Republican Women Behind Governor Abbott’s Special Session Call To Revisit ‘Critical Race Theory’ Legislation, Keep Radical Civics Protest Education In Public Classroom,” The Golden Hammer, June 24, 2021,, this newspaper reported that TFRW and BLM asked Governor Greg Abbott to veto House Bill 3979, which State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of The Woodlands, had authored, and which outlawed the teacing of “critical race theory” in public school social studies and history courses.

TFRW has gone strictly into defense mode after The Golden Hammer and The National Review began to report the full story. In a statement released on Thursday, July 15, TFRW now claims that they want the teaching of critical race theory banned from public schools, but they spent most of the statement talking about how they want so-called “action civics” taught in public schools nonetheless. That’s the problem, because they specifically want a program called “iCivics” which the Democratic National Committee wants taught in public schools, so that young women and men will fight for government action on social issues and providing welfare support. “iCivics,” through other curriculum specifically incorporates “critical race theory” into its instruction.

Stanley Kurtz, an Analyst with the conservative Washington, D.C.-based Ethics and Public Policy Center, wrote in National Review in a March 29, 2021, article entitled “Civics Showdown in Texas,” that:

“TFRW has been the most vocal member of the Texas Civic Education Coalition, led by Wendy May-Dreyer, chair of the national board of iCivics, the most prominent national supporter of protest civics. I and others have written at some length on the history and current activities of iCivics, detailing the way in which this Cambridge, Mass.,-based group undermined the high-quality Massachusetts history standards and replaced them with thin and fashionable leftist standards; the way in which the goals of iCivics and its coalition partners line up with partisan Democratic agendas; and the way in which iCivics pushes CRT onto our schools. It is passing strange to see an ostensibly Republican organization such as TFRW doing the legislative legwork for iCivics and the protest-civics crowd.”

TFRW’s Legislative Vice President Robbie Hull has worked closely with her personal friend Julie Silverbrook, a nation director of iCivics, to ensure that the leftist protest civics curriculum may be taught in Texas classrooms. Under the current version of House Bill 3979, as enacted, iCivics cannot be taught. That’s why TFRW wanted Governor Abbott to veto the bill during the Regular Session of the 87th Legislature, according to two sources inside the Governor’s Office, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisal.

TFRW also asked Governor Abbott to include “critical race theory” in his call for a Special Session, because they’re hoping to go backwards and once again allow the teaching of their leftist agenda, a twist which seems unlikely, since most Texas legislators seem to want to expand the ban on the teaching of “critical race theory” rather than limit it.

It’s not the first time TFRW has opposed the Republican Party and its Platform. TFRW has long taken an Anti-Life position with respect to abortion, as has its co-ed ally the National Pachyderm Federation.

Meanwhile, after TFRW first asked the Governor to veto House Bill 3979, the women’s group then asked Governor Greg Abbott to include “critical race theory” in the calls for a Special Session in order to ensure the teaching of “action civics” in public school curricula. For that reason, Abbott included “critical race theory” in his Special Session Proclamation. The Texas Senate, however, took a bit of a different approach last week. They banned the teaching of “action civics” altogether. Of course, the Texas House has taken no action on anything yet.






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