Illegal Montgomery County GOP fundraiser to raise money for unauthorized funds, Bouche, Cook call West out

Illegal Montgomery County GOP fundraiser to raise money for unauthorized funds, Bouche, Cook call West out

Image: The fake wing of the Montgomery County Republican Party, which refuses to follow Party Bylaws and the Rules of the Republican Party of Texas, issued an announcement yesterday that Allen West, a candidate for Republican Party of Texas Chairman, will attend a December 17, 2019, fundraiser for the fictitious organization.


Conroe, August 15 – On October 2, 2018, the Republican Party of Texas Officials Committee issued a ruling tonight that Montgomery County Republican Party (MCRP) Chairman Wally Wilkerson failed to fulfill statutory duties as County Republican Chairman and “engaged in behavior designed to disgrace the Republican Party.” The ruling came after a majority of the elected Republican Precinct Chairs in Montgomery County filed a complaint under Republican Party Rule 8(k) that Wilkerson had refused to abide by Texas election law, Republican Party Rules, and the Bylaws of the Montgomery County Republican Party.

Wilkerson has refused to abide by the Bylaws since that ruling. Wilkerson has maintained unauthorized bank accounts from which he pays for tens of thousands of dollars of unauthorized expenditures in the form of payments to his private secretary and payments for rent for an unauthorized office.

On December 17, 2019, however, Allen West, the retired Lieutenant Colonel who is challenging incumbent Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey for the State Chairman’s position, will conduct a fundraiser for the illegal fake wing of the MCRP. Wilkerson had tried to lure United States Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Kevin Brady to an August 24 fundraiser for the fake wing of the Party. Several Party officials and activists notified the Cruz campaign and Cruz’s father, Paster Rafael Cruz, about the illegality of the proposed fundraiser, at which point Cruz very appropriately canceled.

Apparently West either doesn’t know any better or doesn’t care about whether individuals follow Republican Party Rules or the Texas Election Code.

Amazingly, the fundraising meme refers to Mark Turnbull as “Treasurer” of the MCRP, when the elected Treasurer is John Hill Wertz, as the Party’s Officials Committee made clear on October 2. The meme doesn’t have any disclaimer even though it advertises the candidacy of West for the Chairman’s position. In fact, it appears that the artwork for the West meme is almost identical to the illegal Cruz-Brady fundraiser Wilkerson had attempted to elicit for August 24.

Wilkerson contends that his organization is “not a part of the Republican Party.”

On Wednesday, August 14, MCRP Steering Committee member Jon Paul Bouche sent West a public letter explaining the illegality and impropriety of the fundraiser to which West has apparently agreed. West would not return telephone calls seeking comment.

Jon Bouche, Precinct 35 Republican Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Party Steering Committee member, and member of the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District.

Montgomery County Republican Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed also communicated with West through social media, as did Kelli Cook, the Party’s Finance Committee Chair. West’s reaction seems to be that he doesn’t care who he will raise money for as long as they give him a platform to speak.

Bouche’s letter to West and to the West campaign follows in its entirety. West’s strange exchange on Twitter from late last night follows after Bouche’s letter.

“Dear LTC Allen B. West (Ret.),

“On June 16, 2018, the Montgomery County Republican Party of Texas held it’s statutorily required Organizational Meeting and adopted bylaws for the 2018-2020 biennium.  Seventeen days after the bylaws were legally adopted at a meeting which Chairman Wilkerson presided over and gaveled closed, Wilkerson then sent out an email and mailers all over the county attempting to nullify the vote of the County Executive Committee and interpose his own bylaws.  This was vehemently protested by the CEC because this was improper and lawless.  Since then, Chairman Wilkerson has attempted to divide the party and has sought to cause confusion and anger amongst our base as a way to try and force the CEC to accept his bylaws.

“Because of Wilkerson’s disruptive behavior, the CEC immediately requested that Wilkerson agree to mediation by the Republican Party of Texas under RPT Rule 8(m).  Wilkerson refused and continued to send out false information within the county in which he was incorrectly citing and applying RPT Rules and then claiming that he was correct in what he was doing.  Since Wilkerson would not agree to mediation under RPT Rule 8(m) and continued his divisive behavior during an important election cycle, a formal complaint was filed against him with the Republican Party of Texas under RPT Rule 8(k).  This was subsequently heard before the Republican Party of Texas State Rules Executive Committee (SREC) and Wilkerson lost his case by a vote of 64-0 by the SREC.  In response to that unanimous ruling, Wilkerson then stated that he was not subject to the rules of the RPT after all because the MCRP is actually his own private organization and has no affiliation whatsoever with the RPT.

“I am attaching the letter we received from RPT Chairman James Dickey and the SREC on October 2, 2018 which illustrates what we have been dealing with here in Montgomery County since June 16, 2018.

“So if it is true that the MCRP is just Wilkerson’s own private organization, then it logically follows that he has no authority whatsoever over the CEC in his capacity as Chairman of that private organization since the CEC is elected in accordance with the state election code.  In fact, the county party could not even exist unless the state party holds a Primary Election in the county. So basically, Wilkerson has painted himself into a corner. As such, raising money by claiming to be part of the Republican Party and then diverting the funds to his private organization’s account is at best, inappropriate.

“So here is our situation right now……

“Our Chairman does not contribute any money to getting people to the polls or supporting our candidates.  Every penny he collects goes to pay for his personal assistant, rent for his office or to produce and send out mailers to undermine the official Montgomery County Republican Party and the County Executive Committee.  He continues to refuse to comply with the Republican Party of Texas Rules, the rules of our county party or even the laws of the state.  He will not release any voter contact information to help us get people to the polls.  He has refused requests to release party funds for the campaign effort and he maintains his own website which contains outdated and false information.  Please be advised that the official website of the Montgomery County Republican Party is and it is linked on the Republican Party of Texas website.

“Wilkerson’s actions have caused a lot of confusion and problems in this county and the only reason he has been able to continue his disruptive behavior is because of a few people who were funding his lawless activities.  That has since dried up considerably.

“Now that he is running out of money to fund his fight against the RPT and the grassroots Conservatives, he is desperately trying to organize a fund raiser but he is attempting to do so under the Republican Party banner. However, he will then deposit all of the money he raises, which was ostensibly for the Republican Party, into the bank account of his private organization in the care of his organization’s Treasurer Mark Turnbull.  You should know that Wilkerson also tried to get Senator Ted Cruz and his good friend Congressman Brady to do a fund raiser for him so that he could continue his fight against the RPT and the grassroots Conservatives. They declined to do so.

“During the November 2018 campaign, Chairman Wilkerson did not lift a finger or put in one dime of party funds to help us get out the vote.  In fact, instead of helping with the campaign, Chairman Wilkerson’s people formed the Republican Voters of Texas PAC to fight against fellow Republicans in the November 2018 General Election.  It was absolutely disgraceful. (See attached Resolution dated June 11, 2019 condemning the actions of the Republican Voters of Texas PAC)

“Despite all of this, we had hundreds of volunteers making thousands of calls and knocking on thousands of doors and we were able to turn in what many consider to be the best performance by any county in Texas. We kept Montgomery County “Red” with over a 72% Republican turnout.

“I just wanted you to be aware of the situation because this event that you are scheduled to speak at here in Montgomery County on December 17, 2019 is NOT for the Montgomery County Republican Party.This event is another attempt by Chairman Wilkerson to raise money so that he can continue his fight against the Republican Party of Texas and to undermine the grassroots Conservatives in Montgomery County.

“To be clear, we would love to have a fundraiser in Montgomery County for the party and that money should be used for candidate support and the ‘Get out the Vote Effort.’   But all you are doing with this event is funding the lawlessness of a disgraced Chairman and further dividing the party at a crucial time before the 2020 election.  This is a big mistake and I respectfully ask that you reconsider what you are doing.

“Please be advised that going forward, any communications you have with the county party should go through a member of the Steering Committee as they are the only official representatives of the Republican Party here in Montgomery County at this time.  Wilkerson’s friend Kristin Christ is not in any way affiliated with the official party in this county so having any discussion with her regarding any county party sponsored event will be a waste of time.  She is apparently only representing Walter D. Wilkerson and whatever club or organization he claims to lead right now.

“I would ask that you please coordinate with Dale Inman or Kelli Cook who are the Chair and Co-Chair of the MCRP’s Victory 2020 Committee.  I would also ask that you coordinate with John Wertz who is the duly elected Montgomery County Republican Party Treasurer for this biennium to ensure that whatever funds are raised, end up in the correct account.   I have copied these people on this email.

“Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns.   You and I spoke at the Kingwood Tea Party event a few months ago. (See attached picture).

“Sincerely, Jon P. Bouché, MCRP Precinct 35 Chairman and Steering Committee Member, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Place 3 Director.”

Cook’s email to West follows.

“My name is Kelli Cook, I serve as the finance chair of the Montgomery County Republican Party, and co-chair of the 2020 Victory Committee. I see you have a fundraiser planned here in Montgomery County in December. I wanted to make sure you understand that the Montgomery County Republican Party has 2 treasurers, one that was legitimately elected by the County Executive Committee (precinct chairs) according to the current by-laws, by the name of John Wertz, and the other treasurer that was appointed by the chairman not in accordance with the by laws, whose name is Mark Turnbull. This situation is complex and political, but very simple if one chooses to view it through the lens of the rules and by laws of the Republican Party of Texas. As a candidate for state chair, you could be making a perilous decision by sanctioning a rogue fundraiser and I want to make sure you are aware of the situation before blindly walking in. I found a phone number for Lisa Hendrickson, I understand she works with you. I will try to explain it to her. Feel free to call me if this is clear as mud. My intention is to try to make sure you are aware of the situation. Kelli A Cook”

West’s strange exchange on Twitter with GOP Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and with Bouche follows.

Twitter exchange involving Republican Party of Texas Chairman candidate Allen West on the one hand and Montgomery County GOP Vice Chairman Reagan Reed and Steering Committee member Jon Bouche on the other hand, August 14, 2019.



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