If my block-walking tells the full story, then the other party is in trouble in the mid-term elections

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer

Thanks to Montgomery County Republican Party Victory 2018 Steering Committee Block Walking Captain Kelli Cook, I block-walked this weekend for the November 6 General Election. I’ve started in the voting precinct where my wife and I live.

It’s been quite an experience. I’ve blocked-walked for 42 years for Republican candidates and for the Republican Party, so this time was not my maiden voyage.

The reaction of people has been amazing. Of course, at first they’re wondering what I’m doing at all. When they find out that I’m passing out literature for the Republican Party, people have invited me into their homes, high-fived me, and had only the most positive reactions.

I’ve never observed so much excitement as now for the Republican slate of candidates in a November General Election.

There are three things that I’ve heard about from likely voters over the past two days. First and foremost, Republicans are enraged over the behavior of the democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation process. Clearly, people want to go out to the polls to send a strong message that the democrats crossed the line of decency by a long way.

Second, people are excited about Mark Keough, the Republican running for Montgomery County Judge. I heard from three different people that they “love Mark,” are “happy he’s going to clean this place up,” and “would support Keough every day of the week.” Obviously, the reformer Keough running for County Judge is like a breath of fresh air.

Mark Keough, retired businessman, pastor, reform Republican Nominee for Montgomery County Judge, and State Representative, is bringing a lot of excitement to the November General Election.

Third, much to my surprise, people at two homes today asked me what I thought about “the problem chairman.” I asked them what they meant. They told me they were talking about Wally Wilkerson. One of the two said he appreciated the efforts of “younger Republicans” to broaden the authority inside of the Montgomery County Republican Party, so obviously he has a pretty strong grasp of what’s happening inside of Montgomery County politics.

Things are really looking up for Republicans in 2018. With a great President, a strong candidate in Ted Cruz at the top of the Texas ticket, a strong Governor Greg Abbott running for re-election, great candidates like Steve Toth for State Representative, Mark Keough for Montgomery County Judge, and Melanie Pryor Bush for County Treasurer, the Republican slate may very well be the strongest Montgomery County has ever enjoyed on the November ballot in a mid-term election.



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