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If Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s look could kill during a call for ethics reform, The Golden Hammer’s Publisher would now be dead

On October 9, 2018, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal appeared somewhat relaxed during the Commissioners Court meeting until the Publisher of this newspaper began speaking about ethics. At that point, Doyal developed a hateful stare that froze onto his face for several minutes.

Conroe, October 11 – On October 9, 2018, during the meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, spoke to the Court and suggested ideas for ethics reform so that Montgomery County might no longer be the “most corrupt County government in Texas.”

It’s a shame that the cameras didn’t catch the look on Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s face during the mention of ethics during the Publisher’s statement. A look of unadulterated hatred transfixed Doyal’s face. Doyal genuinely hates the Publisher and he seems to hate any discussion of ethics even more.

If looks could kill, then, thanks to Doyal, the Publisher of this newspaper would be dead.

Here’s what the Publisher told the Commissioners Court on Tuesday, October 9:

“Montgomery County has a formal Code of Ethics that is weak and merely a pretext to continue to receive funding from the Texas Department of Transportation, which requires that the County have such a code in place.

“I sat through the process where the Commissioners Court adopted the Code of Ethics and witnessed the efforts of the Court to water it down as much as possible and then to place political allies on the Committee which was to act as the enforcement.

“This community faces some serious ethics issues, however. In that instance, I use the word ‘ethics’ with a minuscule ‘e’ rather than a capital ‘E.’

“The giant challenge Montgomery County’s government faces is the ‘deep state’ you’ve created of County government vendors who are the true and exclusive citizens influencing your decisions.

“That must come to an end, if we are to be an ethical community. The simple and obvious solution is to prohibit the awarding of government contracts to any firm where the firm or its principals contributed money to any member of the Commissioners Court during the last two election cycles.

“But ethics in Montgomery County faces other challenges as well: We can expect our County Auditor, whom the Board of District Judges has terminated as of December 31, will end up as a consultant to one of the companies involved in the implementation of the multi-million dollar boondoggle known as the ‘ERP.’

“We can expect our current County Treasurer to end up on the payroll of a County Commissioner. That already is a violation of the Code of Ethics, but my guess is that none of you will care and all of you will look the other way.

“We can expect our current County Judge who is leaving at the end of the year to become a lobbyist for vendors through a private consulting firm. He’ll directly profit from his previous government position. Ethics should never allow that to occur, even though the current Code of Ethics might.

“January 1 will be the time for the deep state to come to the surface, for ‘Ethics’ with a capital ‘E’ to become ‘ethics’ with a minuscule ‘e,’ and for Montgomery County to begin to throw off its reputation as ‘the most corrupt County government in Texas.'”




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