If Kim Jong-Un can meet with President Trump, is there hope that Charlie Riley will meet with conservative Republicans?

If Kim Jong-Un can meet with President Trump, is there hope that Charlie Riley will meet with conservative Republicans?

Image: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un met with President of the United States Donald Trump at the Capella Hotel in Singapore on June 12, 2018. Is Charlie Riley capable of meeting with his political critics?

Conroe and Magnolia, June 12 – Today, June 12, 2018, the historic meeting between North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, who inherited his position from his father and grew up coddled in a home where he and his family lived off the Korean public in plentiful abundance while the people starved, met with President of the United States Donald J. Trump, a hard-charging businessman known for his deal-making, for pushing business arrangements to the edge, and for his openness to new ideas as long as they move him forward towards his goals.

Riley grew up in a similar household to Kim’s. Riley’s conservative Republican critics have maintained their goals of reform of the Montgomery County government.

Prior to their meeting, President Trump and Kim had a long history of acrimony. President Trump has rightly criticized Kim severely for his nuclear weaponization of North Korea, for his terrible treatment of the Korean people, and for isolating an entire nation from world markets around them. President Trump has personally derided Kim, called him political names, and characterized Kim as a dangerous dictator. Kim, in return, showed childishness and petulance towards President Trump and towards the United States.

At the end of 2017, however, with the economy of North Korea reaching a dangerous point of isolation from the rest of the world, Kim changed the tone of his rhetoric and began to make some conciliatory moves with respect to President Trump and the United States. In return, President Trump proposed a meeting between the two of them which Kim ultimately accepted. After a few waves of problems and negotiations, the summit meeting eventually occurred.

Why primarily? Because President Trump continued to push towards his goal of denuclearization of North Korea and the security of East Asia, and because President Kim realized that political isolation does not succeed, even when a politician is secure in his position.

Charlie Riley, the Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner who just won the Republican Runoff Election but still faces a General Election opponent and a likely criminal trial in his near-future, has much which he might learn from North Korea’s Kim. Kim has (recently) shown a maturity and magnanimity in dealing with his political critics that Riley cannot handle as of yet.

Kim met today with his most vociferous critic, President Trump, who has called Kim some of the worst political appellations there are. Likewise, Riley has earned apt descriptions such as socialist, secretive, anti-citizen, pro-tax, pro-government spending, and the driving force behind property tax appraisal increases on the Montgomery Central Appraisal District. Riley botched his 2015 road bond projects. Only the prospect of a tough electoral challenge instilled some discipline in him to begin to turn those projects into some measures of success.

Kim, however, is head and shoulders above Riley in dealing with his critics. Kim has chose the route of communication, of attempting to discuss issues and clear the air, and of opening permanent lines of communication. Riley sits in his tinderbox fuming.

Riley is Montgomery County’s version of Kim Jong-Un, except that Riley is far more dependent upon the rest of the world than even the quixotic Kim.



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