I am a conservative. Are you?

ERIC YOLLICK, The Golden Hammer

I am a conservative. Are you?

Let’s define the term “conservative.” A conservative believes the following:

  1. Free markets and limited government. Government’s purpose is limited to national security, law enforcement, and enforcing contracts. Government should never plan any aspect of the economy.
  2. Government, when necessary, should only be good government. People who work in government should:
  • Never consider government a career.
  • Only consider government a public service and sacrifice.
  • Follow the strictest ethics, meaning that their actions must only be for the public good rather than for private gain.
  • Maintain strict openness and absolute scrutiny.
  • Treat citizens as the top of the organizational chart.
  • Likewise, those who contract with government should never do so for profit but, instead, should sacrifice as a public service.
  1. In one’s life, we must live simply, understand that God is the creator, and protect God’s creations.

Now, let’s apply those principles to the matters before us:

Montgomery County government budget. A conservative budget would likely be in the $200 million range to support the law enforcement function of the County government along with road maintenance duties. Massive salaries, employee benefits, fancy office buildings, plush furnishings, and buildings named after themselves have nothing to do with the sacrifice of public service.

Tx-249 Toll Road. Oh come on. First, this toll road is more centralized planning than the Soviet Politburo. Five guys – Craig Doyal, Charlie Riley, Mike Meador, Rick Sheldon, and Bobby Adams – dreamed up this debacle. Second, they’re ignoring citizen opposition. Third, the road is little more than a private boondoggle for Halff and its fellow contractors, Sheldon’s real estate and the Renaissance Festival, and the Doyal-Riley-Davenport legal defense fund.

Engineering contracts. If there’s any profit in these contracts, there’s a problem. The problem goes far beyond that.

Public contracts. Look at companies like Halff Associates or Fairweather Group. They’re welfare corporations that have lived off the public dole for decades. They don’t work based upon merit. Rather, they get work from political connections.

Nepotism. Craig Doyal got his daughter a job. Mike Meador got his brother, his granddaughter, and a slew of friends and distant relations jobs. Charlie Riley got his wife a job. Their practices are abusive and crooked.

River authorities. Who ever dreamed that the government has the right to flood away your home?

Salaries. I thought public service was supposed to be a sacrifice. The County Judge makes $169,000 per year! County Commissioners make $164,000 per year. Their employee benefits add about 40% to those amounts. That’s not a sacrifice. That’s a plush kingdom.

Purchasing and NetData. Marc Davenport, James Metts, Wayne Mack, and their corrupt cabal should be nowhere near County purchasing, information technology decisions, court collection decisions, or court file database management, which should be open to public scrutiny. Purchasing and IT decisions should be independent of political hacks.

Law enforcement. While the County Judge and County Commissioners make salaries about 70% higher than they deserve, the Montgomery County law enforcement community, who risk their lives for us every day, make below average salaries, are discriminated against for comp time and accumulated vacation time, and receive treatment as though they’re just the private security force for the elected official elite.

Introduction etiquette. As a conservative, I feel like I’m kicked in the stomach when I attend local political events where the event chair introduces elected officials but never introduces the private citizens who are in attendance. I thought the citizens are at the top of the organizational chart. That’s why the other people are public “servants.”

Narcissism. God is the creator, not some justice of the peace. When I pray, I pray to God and I give money to my church to prosecute God’s purposes. I don’t pray to an elected official, thank God for bringing me elected officials, and give my money to an elected official as an act of prayer.



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