How to stop the blue tsunami with direct citizen action RIGHT NOW

How to stop the blue tsunami with direct citizen action RIGHT NOW

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Arlington (Texas), Plano (Texas), and Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), October 21 – The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, upset many of our readers yesterday when our political team reported our predictions for the November 3, 2020, General Election. See  It doesn’t look good for conservatives or Republicans.

What upset readers the most were our predictions with respect to the presidential election that Biden would defeat President Donald Trump with 277 Electoral Votes for Biden to 261 Electoral Votes for President Trump. The map containing our state-by-state predictions is immediately below.

Readers were also upset about this newspaper’s prediction that Democrats would gain 9 seats to have a 76 to 74 majority over Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives and that State Representative Joe Moody, Democrat of El Paso, will become the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

This newspaper has always reported the bad news as well as the good. Sure, Charlie Riley wears nice clothes with the huge salaries he takes from taxpayers, but he does terrible actions in those clothes and it’s our duty as your newspaper to report those actions.

Don’t get make; make a difference!

Rather than getting mad about the reality of the 2020 General Election, The Golden Hammer recommends that you take action to make a serious difference in the outcome of the election. We have two very specific recommendations how you can make a huge difference in the outcome of the national Presidential Election and in the fight for majority control of the Texas House of Representatives.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER ONE (#1): Please become involved in phone-banking, using your cellular telephone, in the fight to win the vote in the state of Pennsylvania for President Donald Trump. You should notice on the electoral map above that, if President Trump were to win Pennsylvania’s twenty (20) Electoral College Votes, he would defeat Biden with 281 Electoral Votes to Biden’s 257 Electoral Votes. In other words, you could reverse the outcome of the election, if you reach the right targeted voters in western Pennsylvania, the more conservative part of that state, in particular.

What should you do? Call 412.458.3304, the headquarters of the Allegheny County Republican Party. Allegheny County includes the city of Pittsburgh.

Yesterday, we spoke with Ann Harrold, a Volunteer Coordinator for the Allegheny County Republican Party. Harrold said, “We understand we’re the epicenter of the national election. We have a more enthusiastic grassroots effort than I’ve ever seen before in this community. We realize that Allegheny County is hard to win, because we’re outnumbered with voter registrations by the Democrats. But we’re the gateway to rural Pennsylvania. President Trump will be here tonight in Erie.”

Harrold further explained, “We’re seeing a lot of encouraging signs. More than twenty percent (20%) of the people at the Trump Rallies have been Democrats. That’s very encouraging, because they were people who voted Democratic their whole lives, but now they’re supporting President Trump for re-election.”

Harrold expressed concern about mail-in ballots. “Dead people are getting ballots sent to them in the mail. It’s worrisome what will happen to those ballots.”

Harrold asks that readers call the Party Headquarters at 412.458.3304 and ask for a Volunteer Coordinator or for the Party’s Executive Director Kevin Tatulyan.

President Trump needs your help in western Pennsylvania.

RECOMMENDATION NUMBER TWO (#2): Please become involved in phone-banking for two strong conservative members of the Texas House of Representatives, who, as Republicans, are facing tough re-election campaigns. Both of them are in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area.

The two Representatives who desperately need as much help as readers can give them are:

  • Representative Matt Shaheen, Republican of Plano. His direct number is 214.448.8316. Or you could call his phone banking coordinator, Brittany, at 330.806.0095.
  • Representative Tony Tinderholt, Republican of Arlington. Chad Shoemake is Representative Tinderholt’s Campaign Manager. Chad’s direct number is 361.212.5298. Brittany at 330.806.0095 is also working as Representative Tinderholt’s phone banking coordinator.

If both of those two Representatives win their respective re-election efforts, then Democrats will likely only win 7 seats, so Republicans would maintain their majority in the Texas House of Representatives.

You really can make a difference in the National Election!



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