How the Montgomery County government’s property tax scam really works: a real world example

Willis resident Dennis Hudgens and his wife Jackie are retired, live in a small home on an unpaved dirt road, and pay higher taxes than County Judge Craig Doyal. Hudgens has got no money in his pockets, because Doyal and the Commissioners took it all through property taxes.

Willis, April 19 – Long time Willis residents Dennis and Jackie Hudgens just suffered the “shock and awe” of County Judge Craig Doyal’s and the County Commissioners Court’s tax system that Doyal and friends have used to grow the County government’s spending by 428% since 2000, while population growth has only grown 84% during the same time period. Doyal has made clear he wants more County government spending. With their Notices of Proposed Valuation from the Montgomery Central Appraisal District received across Montgomery County over the past few days, now County citizens are getting to see why Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley, who serves both on the Commissioners Court and on the board of directors of the Montgomery Central Appraisal District (MCAD), was willing to vote for a 20% homestead exemption.

As long as Doyal and colleagues continue to explode County government spending, they need your money and they’ll take it as fast as you can earn it.

Here’s the true story of two homes. One of the homes is Dennis and Jackie Hudgens’ residence. Here it is.

The Hudgens’ home in Willis, which MCAD has valued at $157,130.

The other home is Craig and Amy Doyal’s residence. Here it is.

The Doyals’ home in Montgomery, which MCAD has valued at $110,130.

The Hudgens’ residence is 19 years old. It’s on an unpaved dirt road. It’s simple and small. MCAD has valued the Hudgens home at $157,130.

The Doyals’ residence is brand new. They just moved in about six months ago. It’s ornate, in a posh neighborhood, rests on Lake Conroe, and has a huge swimming pool in the back. MCAD has valued the Doyal home at $110,130.

The Hudgens’ home valuation last year was $100,000 even. They paid $1,778.11 in property taxes on the home for last year. The proposed MCAD valuation for 2017 is $157,130. Even with the 20% homestead exemption that Montgomery County and the Montgomery County Hospital District recently approved, the Hudgens will pay $2,847.86 in property taxes on their home in the coming year.

The Hudgens also own three unimproved lots next to their home. Here’s where the fun continues. MCAD valued each of the Hudgens’ three lots at $1,700 last year. This year the Hudgens have received a proposed valuation from the nice folks at MCAD valuing each of their empty lots at $15,120, for and 789% increase! The Hudgens’ taxes on the three lots each are going from $36.22 per year to $322.21 per year!

Therefore, the Hudgens, who live on a dirt road in an older home, will pay $2,847.86 in taxes this year from the $1,886.77 last year.

The experience of the Hudgens teaches some important lessons to the citizens of our community:

  • If you’re not politically-connected, MCAD will abuse you.
  • The only real way taxpayers will ever get any relief is if THE COUNTY GOVERNMENT REDUCES SPENDING!
  • The 20% homestead exemption was a nice move, but, in actuality, it’s a pittance. The real relief will only come when the Montgomery County Commissioners Court follows the demand of the Citizens Budget Committee, the County GOP Executive Committee, and many vocal and active citizens who have called for substantial reductions in County government spending.





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