How the Davenports play the County through Wayne Mack, other clients (The Davenports, Part 8)

How the Davenports play the County through Wayne Mack, other clients (The Davenports, Part 8)

Image: Wayne Mack’s propaganda letter heading sent on June 4 and 5, 2017.

Montgomery and Willis, June 12 – When Wayne Mack, Montgomery County’s Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace, sent out a propaganda piece on June 4 and 5, 2017, he revealed a lot about how the Davenports, Marc and Stephanne, view and play the County. Their “clients,” who include Mack, Precinct 4 JP James Metts running for Precinct 4 County Commissioner, Precinct 4 JP candidate Jason Dunn, Sheriff Rand Henderson, County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, and Precinct 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden must pay the Davenports in two important ways: a lot of money and unquestioning loyalty.

Mack provided a window into the supposed services which Marc Davenport provides as a supposed political consultant. That window reveals that Mack’s entire persona outside of his limited official work as a JP is little more than propagandistic spin. In Mack’s own words:

“As a political consultant Marc works for me building community relationships, repairing the damage done by those creating chaos, assisting me with my extra judicial activities such as my community events and my fight for religious freedom, my election and my re-election. Advising me on things that might effect the issues I care about. Running interference with the terrorizing bullies, so that I can do my job serving you. There is no budget in a government office to accommodate the subversive activities, so that is why we personally hire consultants. The implication of him or anyone having influence over my operations is wrong.”

Since June 4, Mack has begun a fight on social media and elsewhere to attack personally anyone who dares to quote his threats to others. Those threats include:

  • Mack sent a threatening text message to County employee Marie Moore on April 8, 2014: “You need to give your heart to Jesus. Because the rest of you belongs to Marc [Davenport] and he wants his reputation back.”
  • Mack then filed criminal charges against Moore which an appointed Special Prosecutor determined did not involve allegations of criminal activity.
  • Mack confronted a public relations competitor of Davenport at Mack’s first annual prayer breakfast in 2014 and threatened her due to her “friendship with Marie Moore.”
  • In 2015, Mack confronted the same public relations consultant rudely at a Noon Lions Club meeting for having Marie Moore as a friend.
  • On September 1, 2015, Mack tricked Precinct 1 Constable’s Captain Rusty Fincher into attending a meeting at Mack’s courthouse office where Mack, Davenport, and then Deputy Sheriff Rand Henderson proceeded to try to convince Fincher not to run for Constable to replace the retiring Don Chumley. Mack began the discussion by saying “Rusty, we don’t understand why you think you can run for Constable, because no one in this precinct likes you.” Mack added, “I think you running is a bad idea. You’ll have an uphill battle, so you shouldn’t get involved.”
  • After Mack began his propaganda campaign in 2017, several individuals created what Mack must have viewed was the ultimate offense: they quoted the Holy Scriptures on his Facebook page impliedly criticizing his behavior. Mack deleted the Scriptures and blocked the individuals from participating in the discussion.
  • Whenever anyone other than Mack dares to ask why Mack has not responded to the factual allegations against him but, instead, merely chose to attack the presenters of those facts, Mack claims that the presenters are “political pornography” and “fake news.” When that doesn’t seem to work, Mack sends his County employees Kim Wilson and Missy Keene Ringo into action on social media on his behalf.

It’s all childish and rather pitiful.

More importantly, Mack’s conduct is very unbecoming of someone who calls himself a “judge.”

When people send political contributions to Wayne Mack, they don’t realize that they’re actually funding a propaganda machine, as Mack explained in the quote above in his own words. Mack and Davenport are funding and carrying on “subversive activities,” which the County government budget supposedly does not support.

Even though Mack was not running for election or re-election during 2016, the payments he made, as his campaign finance reports reveal, through campaign contributions to the Davenports were staggering:

  • $990.00 for advertising on January 22
  • $5,000 for consulting on March 21
  • $2,500 for consulting on September 1
  • $5,000 for consulting on October 17.

$13,490 is a lot of money for a judicial officeholder to spend on a consultant during an off-election year!

The bottom line is that citizens, who believe they’re supporting a judge performing judicial functions, are actually supporting the Davenports, who believe it’s their job to bully and intimidate political candidates, conservative political activists, and anyone who dares to quote the Holy Scriptures.




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