How does media corruption work? In this instance, the Courier blog has given no Republican Runoff Election coverage whatsoever in order to protect the “establishment” candidates

Screen shot of today’s edition of the Courier blog.

Conroe, May 22 – How does media corruption work? In this instance, the Courier blog, the vestige of what many years ago was a great local newspaper, has given no Republican Runoff Election coverage whatsoever.

Here’s the plan for the “establishment”: If you make sure that turnout is as low as possible, then the people who have direct financial interests in keeping Charlie Riley and James Metts in office will be the only people who turn out to vote. That’s the same reason that taxing entities like the Lone Star College District only have voting in one location, or they don’t advertise their elections. Then only the folks who work at those taxing entities are the people who vote to raise taxes or bond debt.

It’s flat out corruption.

The Golden Hammer is biased openly. We’re transparent. On the first day this newspaper published, we made it clear in the “About” section of the newspaper that we are a biased media source that supports substantial reductions in government spending and government taxation.

Other media sources are more subtle. The New York Times has been a liberal rag for almost a century. CNN sometimes is “fake news” but usually it’s just real news with a liberal bias. The Houston Chronicle has a leftward bias. The Wall Street Journal is somewhat conservative. Where all of those media sources are dishonest, however, is that they don’t admit their bias. They don’t warn their readers or viewers that they’re biased, although discriminating readers and viewers can figure that out.

Downright socialists – people who support government intervention in matters such as economic planning and development – including Charlie Riley, James Metts, and Craig Doyal love the Courier blog. It does what they want. They don’t want you to vote, so they just don’t tell you anything about the fact that there is a Republican Runoff election today!

The liberal media is more than willing to manipulate their readers. They just think their readers are so stupid that they don’t realize the manipulation.

I guess it’s time to teach the liberal media a bit of a lesson.



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