“Hit List” 2.0: County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport starts her own list of “friends” and “likes” of her likely electoral opponent and CISD President Melanie Pryor Bush (The Davenports, Part 11)

“Hit List” 2.0: County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport starts her own list of “friends” and “likes” of her likely electoral opponent and CISD President Melanie Pryor Bush (The Davenports, Part 11)

Image: County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, the wife of political boss Marc Davenport, has begun to accumulate her own “Hit List” of political enemies.

Conroe, June 23 – Montgomery County Treasurer Stephanne Davenport, who will attempt to run for re-election in the 2018 election, went around the small group of people who attended County Judge Craig Doyal’s June 20 fundraiser (for his legal defense) and confronted those individuals who have “liked” or “friended” on Facebook her likely electoral opponent, Melanie Pryor Bush who is currently President of the Conroe Independent School District Board of Directors. During each confrontation, Davenport told several of her targeted ones that Davenport is “taking notes” and “keeping a list” of who those people are and when they dare to show friendship or liking towards Bush.

Davenport’s “Hit List” already includes the chief of staff of one of Montgomery County’s members in the Texas House of Representatives, a local photographer and event promoter, and several other individuals. One of the anonymous sources commented to The Golden Hammer, “Stephanne Davenport must think she’s back in the 7th grade with these antics.”

Sadly, Davenport is not a 7th grader. Rather, she is the Montgomery County Treasurer who is responsible for the inflow and outflow of a half a billion County tax dollars each year and not someone who should engage in childish retributions.

Beware: unless you avert your eyes from CISD Board President Melanie Pryor Bush’s Facebook page, you may end up as a name on Stephanne Davenport’s “Hit List.”

The Davenports’ modus operandi

Both Davenports threaten elected officials, such as Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and City Councilman Duane Ham, who dare even to socialize or communicate with people the Davenports don’t like. Those people whom the Davenports don’t like are, in their view, the “haters” to use Stephanne Davenport’s terminology.

A second method which the Davenports utilize to attempt to compete as consultants and politicians is far more disruptive to the operations and management of the Montgomery County government, however. In his own words, Marc Davenport, who sent a lengthy and very threatening email to the husband of one of his public relations competitors (with name of competitor changed to “PR Consultant” to protect the victim) on January 3, 2015, included the following threat:

“Stephanne and I have no social conflicts personally or professionally with PR Consultant and want none, as of right now we know of no conflicts or at least not with anyone close to PR Consultant. So if that develops PR Consultant caused it. People in government know you, not her. My clients will not work with her clients on any level or they will not be my clients. None currently exist that create this conflict. As long as she does not attempt to disrupt or insert herself, there should be no conflicts.”

Stephanne Davenport didn’t like what she saw on May 25, 2017, when Ham dared to appear at a community event with some people Stephanne Davenport doesn’t like.  She also didn’t like some other comments which she attributed to Ham, who dared to criticize the Davenports. At 7:17 p.m. that evening, Stephanne Davenport sent a text message to Ham in which she drew a line in the sand in order to express her hatred towards Schoettle and Mrs. X (name changed to protect her), and Ham:

“So Duane, Melanie and…[Mrs. X] walk into a bar. Dead. To. Me. Steph”

Ham responded,

“Ok Steph I’m taking it your mad at me! You call with a problem I try to fix the problem and your pissed at me? Duane”

Montgomery County Treasurer Davenport finally replied,

“Not mad. Done. You can call Marc if you need. Our team doesn’t roll with those who roll with the haters. Steph”

Later that evening, Thursday, May 25, Marc Davenport spoke with Ham by telephone. The conversation did not progress too well. During the telephone conversation, Davenport began screaming at Ham and accused Ham of colluding with Marc and Stephanne Davenport’s political enemies. Ham responded, “Well, you talk to Yollick.” Ham accused Davenport of “blackmail.” At that point in time Marc Davenport screamed a phrase described below and hung up. Davenport text messaged Ham and described the entire conversation,

“You [Ham] accused me [Marc Davenport] of collusion with yollick. I told you to go f–k your self and hung up. If you don’t take pictures of you f–king yourself and send them to me there will be nothing to blackmail you with. Melanie [Schoettle], Nathan [Arrazate], Margie [Taylor, a public relations consultant], Gary [Henson, a GOP activist and friend of Ham’s], Kristin [Leggett] are a constant source of undermining. You feeding these people and empowering them to continue to try to weaken is the issue. If you act like one of them you will be treated like one of them. Mark”

Hit List” version 1.0

On the night of the March, 2014, Republican Primary Election, then Precinct 2 County Commissioner Craig Doyal announced to his supporters as the results came in for his race to become the next Montgomery County Judge words to the effect, “I want to know every county employee that supported Mark Bosma. They’re about to get theirs.”

In response, the group and Doyal began to list the names of the people who came to their minds. Doyal had a pen and sheet of paper and wrote down their names as his friends and supporters listed them.

The original list did not have a title of the “Hit List.” It did, however, include:

1) Bosma;

2) Darlou Zenor, County Purchasing Director;

3) Bruce Zenor, Lieutenant, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department;

4) Dodi Shaw, County Human Resources Director;

5) Scott Nichols, County Environmental Health Director; and

6) Captain Mike White, Office of the Constable, Precinct 2.

On May 27, 2014, Doyal defeated Bosma in the Republican Primary Runoff Election with 54.68% of the 33,138 votes cast. By then, at least one of the people who had been in the room with Doyal when he compiled the original enemies’ list became a list member herself. Doyal had named the list the “Hit List” and had told a number of his supporters that he also included:

1) through 6) original list members;

7) Precinct 2 Constable Gene DeForest;
8) Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable;
9) J.D. Lambright, County Attorney;
10) Brett Ligon, Montgomery County District Attorney;
11) Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack, Doyal’s nemesis on the Commissioners Court; and

12) Marie Moore, Precinct 4 Administrator.

Doyal’s “Hit List” has continued to be a major topic of discussion among County employees who are concerned about Doyal’s reprisals against them. Human Resources Director Dodi Shaw discussed the “Hit List” at great length and in some detail in her February 13, 2017, letter to Doyal and the Commissioners Court about the terrible behavior of Davenport towards her and the Human Resources Department staff. Precinct 2 Constable Gene De Forest made note that Doyal refused to present De Forest with a 15-year service pin for the Montgomery County Government, because De Forest is a member of Doyal’s “Hit List.” Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack discussed his concerns about Doyal’s “Hit List” in correspondence he sent to Doyal and others concerning retributions against County employees. Doyal terminated County Purchasing Director Darlou Zenor in October, 2016, and Bosma in January, 2015.




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