Hispanic Conservatives of Montgomery County Candidate Forum highlights judicial, County Judge candidates

Hispanic Conservatives of Montgomery County Candidate Forum with Tammy McRae (left) and Judge Vince Santini (second from left) as Moderators and John Hafley (second from right) and Brian Cain (right) as candidates for County Court at Law Number 1.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe, January 13 – The Hispanic Conservatives of Montgomery County (HCMC) and MCPLive.TV were the big winners of the Candidate Forum of HCMC Monday night at the Crighton Theater in Conroe. Judge Vince Santini and Tax Assessor-Collector Tammy McRae both did a superb job as the Moderators, particularly since with all of those politicians around, the job wasn’t particularly easy.

Both John Hafley and Brian Cain, the candidates for County Court at Law Number 1, participated in the event and did a superb job explaining their credentials and judicial philosophy. The two candidates in the Republican Primary Election for County Court at Law Number Three, Judge Amy Tucker and renowned family law attorney Laura Watson, did solid jobs introducing themselves to the crowd of approximately two hundred and fifty (250) people. Echo Hutson, running for County Court at Law Number 4, gave a five (5) minute introduction of herself, because her opponent didn’t attend the event.

The three candidates for Montgomery County Judge, a non-judicial executive position in the County government, all participated in the event: Montgomery Mayor Sara Countryman, incumbent Mark Keough, and renowned conservative leader Dr. Billy Graff.

Graff and Countryman roundly criticized Keough’s handling of the coronavirus response. Keough tried to blame his business and church closure order, as well as the curfew he imposed, on the mis-information, which the health department Keough runs, gave him and on which he relied. Countryman made clear “I would never have asked the city or the county to shut down. We’re all adults. Your health is your business. It’s between you and your doctor.”

Countryman also noted, “You made a comment that your own church was burglarized and a couple of hours later you shut down the county. If my home had been burglarized, I would not have shut down the county.”

Graff added, “I look at this from a constitutional perspective. Nowhere in the constitution do I see where the County Judge can take away the very privileges of life, liberty, and happiness by taking away the ability to work. Shutting down the county is illegal and unconstitutional.”

Countryman criticized Keough’s plan to spend $4.7 million on radios for other taxing entities besides the County government. Keough didn’t respond to her questions or her criticism.

Keough received the most applause when he answered questions, because he had invited some of his closest supporters to the event to clap for him every time he answered a question.

Gubernatorial candidates Don Huffines, Allen West, and Chad Prather also attended the forum.



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