High Noon Extra! CPS Board President Jaggers apologizes for adoption resolutions, while County Judge, Commissioners’ inattention raises major issue of concern

Screen shot of CPS Board President Terri Jaggers’ live video on Facebook, November 17, 2017.


Conroe, November 17 – CPS Board President Terri Jaggers, who also runs a nonprofit adoption organization, apologized to the community, to Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal, and to the entire Montgomery County Commissioners Court for the wording of the Montgomery County Adoption Day and Montgomery County Adoption Month resolutions which she had submitted to Doyal for consideration during the Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Commissioners Court meeting. The two resolutions both contained language that condoned adoptions with “no restrictions” including those by transgender parents.

Jaggers acknowledged that Montgomery County is a “conservative place” and that this community does not condone transgender adoptions. For full coverage of the Commissioners Court resolutions, which the Court passed unanimously twice, please see “Doyal Defies GOP Platform, Supports Transgender Adoptions, Tricks Commissioners Court to Follow,” The Golden Hammer, November 16, 2017. Jaggers has been a close political supporter of Doyal for many years. She actively campaigned for Doyal during the 2014 Republican Primary Election and Republican Runoff Election when Doyal ran against Mark Bosma for the open seat from which former County Judge Alan B. Sadler retired.

A copy of the two Proclamations is below at the bottom of the article.

Jaggers explained that she drafted the two proposed proclamations and borrowed the language from similar proclamations adopted in other states. Her apology was very kindhearted and seemed utterly sincere. Jaggers does good work to promote adoptions in Montgomery County. Adoptions are certainly critical to fostering and rearing children with the unconditional love which they all deserve.

Jaggers also explained that she had submitted the two proposed proclamations to the County Judge’s Office near the deadline, which was Wednesday, November 8, 2017, at 10 a.m.

The failure of Doyal and the four members of the Commissioners Court, however, to catch the problem raises very serious concerns. There were no less than sixteen (16) steps along the way where the five public servants or their staffs should have caught the serious problem in the two proposed proclamations.

PROBLEM STEPS #1 and #2: When Jaggers submitted the two proclamations, Doyal’s two secretaries, Sylvia Olszowy and Patti Werner, should have caught the obvious problem that the proposed resolutions contained language that clearly violated the values of this community and also violated several Planks of the Republican Party Platform. Those two failures (one for each proclamation) clearly emanate from Doyal’s own disregard for the Republican Party Platform.

PROBLEM STEPS #3 and #4: Doyal has a “chief of staff,” jim fredricks, who receives $118,000 per year in annual salary, plus County benefits of approximately $47,554, for total annual compensation of approximately $165,554. For that hefty compensation, fredricks ought to have reviewed the two proclamations. fredricks’ wife is a former Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Texas and serves on the State Republican Executive Committee. Therefore, both fredricks and his wife, who claim they are Republicans, should have a thorough knowledge of the Republican Party Platform. fredricks is rarely in the office, however, due to his heavy napping schedule and outside employment. Without question, fredricks should have reviewed the proposed resolutions and caught the language offensive to Republican principles before the Commissioners Court Agenda became official.

PROBLEM STEPS #5 and #6: Doyal happens to be the County Judge. He’s attempted to do that job now for almost three years, despite his extensive golf obligations which keep him away most of the work week. Doyal takes “credit” for the Commissioners Court Agenda and specifically sponsored the two resolutions on the agenda. Doyal should also have read the resolutions and caught the problem. It would have been quite easy to remove a few words from the one recital so that it merely read, “WHEREAS, there are no restrictions on who can adopt based on race, ethnicity, religion, or marital status; and”.

PROBLEM STEPS #7 and #8: After Olszowy posted the Agenda and put it online, there are five individuals who should have read the proposed proclamations prior to the November 14 Commissioners Court meeting. Olszowy posted the Agenda one day early, on November 9, 2017. Therefore, all five of the public servants had five full days, including a weekend, to read the items on the agenda, including the backup material, which Olszowy had provided in an easy-to-use link.

PROBLEM STEPS #9 and #10: When the Commissioners Court reached the Agenda items during the meeting at approximately 9:43 a.m., Tuesday, November 14, 2017, a young lawyer Stephen Bane (sp. ?) actually read the two proposed proclamations out loud. During the reading of the first proclamation – for Montgomery County Adoption Day – the Publisher of The Golden Hammer most certainly noticed the bizarre language supporting transgender adoptions and also noticed that the five members of the Commissioners Court appeared semi-comatose during the meeting. When Bane read the almost identical wording in the second proclamation – for Montgomery County Adoption Month – the Publisher of The Golden Hammer has to admit he almost fell out of his seat. Of course, Doyal does not permit citizen input during the Commissioners Court, because he seems to fear public discussion. Therefore, the Commissioners Court and County Judge received no help. Of course, there were also about three dozen County employees sitting in the room during the reading of the two proclamations, including Wayne Mack’s Court Coordinator. It’s not particularly surprising, however, that Wayne Mack’s representative would support transgender adoptions in defiance of Biblical principles and of the Republican Party Platform.

PROBLEM STEPS #11, #12, #13 and #14: Immediately after the reading of the two proclamations, Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack made the motion to pass the Montgomery County Adoption Day Proclamation, which Precinct 4 County Commissioner Jim Clark then seconded. Doyal asked if there was any discussion, a process which would have required the five of them to awaken. There was none. Instead, a quick vote led to unanimous adoption of the first of the two Proclamations. Then Noack moved to pass the second Proclamation also with the transgender wording in it. That time, Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador showed his support for transgender adoptions by seconding the motion. Doyal asked again if there was any discussion, and, without any discussion, the Commissioners Court voted again to adopt the bizarre Proclamations.

PROBLEM STEPS #15 and #16: Incredibly, there was one more step for each Proclamation where the entire Commissioners Court obviously could have stopped the approval process for two Proclamations that contained language abhorrent to the values of the Montgomery County community. Each and every member of the Commissioners Court signed each of the two Proclamations obviously in a process which did not include reading what they were signing!

Noack spoke with The Golden Hammer and said the incident has led to serious discussions among him and his staff “to make sure this problem does not happen again.” Noack explained that he made the two motions merely “to move the meeting along.”

Clark also expressed his regrets about the Commissioners Court actions. “Those two resolutions clearly do not represent the Christian and Republican values of Montgomery County. I have met with my staff and we’ve all agreed on internal procedures to prevent resolutions like those two Proclamations from receiving approval.”

The Golden Hammer also spoke with a managerial employee in Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s office who, on condition of anonymity, said that Riley was also very upset about the approval of the two Proclamations.

Meador did not return telephone calls.

Doyal’s sponsorship of two proclamations supporting transgender adoptions clearly shows (1) it’s long past time for the Commissioners Court to allow far more public involvement in Commissioners Court meetings, because the public actually is paying attention to the agenda, (2) it’s particularly important for the Court to open meetings to full discussion (such as full citizen comments BEFORE proclamations or the consent agenda), (3) it’s important to eliminate the secretive consent agenda, and (4) the full Commissioners Court needs to take management back in accordance with the Texas Constitution since Doyal’s golf schedule is clearly interfering with County business.





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