HGAC’s Clark Fumbles Around on Tow Truck Monopolies, Commissioners Noack, Clark Object

Alan Clark, HGAC’s Director of Transportation.

Conroe, January 24 – The Houston Galveston Area Council’s Alan Clark, Director of Transportation Planning, tried to convince the Montgomery County Commissioners Court today that the County should adopt a policy whereby certain tow truck operators receive monopoly protection when accidents occur or cars break down on major thoroughfares. Clark advocated a system whereby the County would receive some funding from HGAC, would pay tow truck operators in part, and citizens would not have the complete freedom to choose the towing company of their choice.

Commissioner James Noack objected and asked Clark whether he or HGAC had conducted any studies of tow truck needs in Montgomery County. Clark attempted to deflect that issue but ultimately admitted that no such studies have occurred, although Clark and HGAC generally believed that government intervention is necessary to improve public safety and relieve traffic congestion.

Commissioner Jim Clark objected to the proposal and accused HGAC of attempting to “create a monopoly.” Clark additionally noted that citizens should have the right to contract with the towing service of their choice.



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