Here’s A Spending Reduction Idea, Judge Doyal; Not Much, But It’s A Start

Conroe, February 6 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal indicated in a written directive today that he intends to grow County government spending at least at the rate of population growth in Montgomery County. He has failed to understand or acknowledge that, since 2000, County spending has grown 424% while population has grown about 85%. Despite that explosive growth, Doyal has failed to examine spending inefficiencies or government waste.

Therefore, The Golden Hammer offers a small token of an idea for a spending reduction that is entirely within the control of the out-of-control Mr. Doyal.

In his own Department budget, Account 400 (County Judge), there has been a vacant position with a salary of $50,152 since September 28, 2013. The position is number 4312-2 (Parks Coordinator).

Doyal is hoarding these funds rather than returning them to the taxpayers. Returning these funds would be a nice token gesture to show county taxpayers that Doyal is beginning to understand what “fiscal conservatism” actually means.


Typical Montgomery County Taxpayer Upon Receiving News From County Judge Craig Doyal.



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