Hecatoncheires of the April 24 Montgomery County Commissioners Court meeting

Hecatoncheires of the April 24 Montgomery County Commissioners Court meeting

Image: Anthropogenic characterization of the April 24, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting agenda.

Conroe, April 24 – In their war against the citizens of Montgomery County, lame duck County Judge Craig Doyal and his corrupt sidekicks Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley and Precinct 1 County Commissioner Mike Meador are throwing rocks as big as mountains onto the backs of the beleaguered County taxpayers who suffer their profligate spending. Doyal, Riley, and Meador worship County vendors, particularly engineers and road contractors who enjoy multi-million dollar contracts in return for the largesse they’ve bestowed on Doyal’s and Riley’s criminal defense legal defense fund and on the campaign chests of all three.

Therefore, when one looks at the April 24, 2018, Commissioners Court agenda, it comes as no surprise that the first characterization which pops into your mind is the Hecatoncheires, the beasts with hundreds of hands and fifty snarling mouths between their ferocious eyes. Just like sleeping citizens who were mesmerized by Doyal’s and Riley’s lies when they ran for office in 2014, the hecatoncheires sprung out of Gaia (Earth) when she seduced Uranus (Sky) in Greek mythology.

What follow are some of the beast-like mouths snapping at the taxpayers’ hard-earned money during the upcoming Commissioners Court meeting.

Hecatoncheires #1: The tollroad. Doyal’s and Riley’s snapping sharpened teeth are seizing $5 million – that $5,000,000.00 – out of the County government general fund straight from the pockets of the taxpayers to pay for their beloved Decimation of Hope Highway, the $76 million to $129 million, 3 mile long, TX 249 Tollway. As all sweaty, filthy, undulating beasts, they’re ignoring the will of the people, 91% of whom voted to require voter approval before any government entity builds or finances a tollroad in Texas.

Hecatoncheires #2: Payment of accounts. Without even winking one of their hundreds of eyes or paying the least bit attention to the carnage they’re creating, the Commissioners Court will approve payments of $9.8 million spread over 101 pages of single-spaced pages with no oversight or investigation.

Hecatoncheires #3: If the harsh mouth of Riley turns a quick smile during the secretive “consent” agenda, it’ll be because he’s taking $6.6 million out of his “slush fund” to pay for road projects that are not in this Fiscal Year’s Budget. It’s in the form of a “budget amendment” that happens with less than the stroke of the big long tail of the County Auditor’s Department.

Hecatoncheires #4: Lame duck Doyal has snuck a 3-year reappointment of his pal Terri Jaggers, the lady who has turned adoptions into a cottage industry for her, her husband, and their son through the use of snazzy legal fees and lucrative non-profit organization salaries and contracts. It’s all politics. Jaggers is the individual who helped Doyal sponsor two resolutions during 2017 to back transgender adoptions. Riley and Meador happily voted for those adoptions since Doyal and Jaggers led them to the food by the nose.

Hecatoncheires #5: The Budget Office calendar doesn’t seem to have provided any transparency to the process. Citizens will still seemingly have to provide public comments at pointless public hearings without any requirement that the Budget Office and the Commissioners Court make the draft budget available to the public first.

Hecantoncheires #6: John Holzwarth. Here we go again. Holzwarth makes $200 per hour to provide engineering services that are entirely duplicative of the engineering work which County Engineering Mark Mooney should be providing to County taxpayers but doesn’t. With a few ten thousand of political contributions, Holzwarths receives hundreds of thousands of dollars each year for duplicating the County Engineer’s Office’s work.





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