Heading towards November General Elections, voters should cautiously avoid democrats whose party platform tells the real story

Heading towards November General Elections, voters should cautiously avoid democrats whose party platform tells the real story

Montgomery County, August 2 – For the first time in two decades, the democrats are running candidates in the November 6 General Election for Montgomery County government offices as well as for state legislative positions. One of the tricks the democrats are attempting to use to fool voters is they’re claiming that they are fiscal conservatives.

None of the democrats running for office in Montgomery County have any backgrounds as elected servants, so their claims of “fiscal conservatism” are little more than jawboning. Several of the candidates have histories of voting democrat including supporting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their presidential bids. The democrat running for Montgomery County Judge has been a gay rights activist for a long time.

Before someone seriously considers voting for a democrat who claims “fiscal conservatism,” one should consider how someone could make such a claim when they’re running on the Platform of the Texas Democratic Party. The democrats just had their 2018 state convention in Fort Worth in June and passed a Platform that called for government intervention in major portions of our lives, a massive increase in state and local government spending, and government intrusion in many aspects of our day to day lives.

Therefore, when someone pretends to be a conservative running as a democrat, you should evaluate what is coming out of their mouths to try to trick you to vote for them in comparison to the written Platform of the Texas Democratic Party on which they’ve committed to run. Here are some major parts of the Texas Democratic Party Platform that Texas democrats approved at their 2018 state convention.


The second paragraph of the democrat Platform contains the following promise: “Texas Democrats believe in equal opportunities and freedom for all human beings no matter a person’s…immigration status.”

The democrats seriously believe that individuals deserve equal opportunities in the United States even if their immigration status happens to be that of an illegal alien who broke American law to arrive here. The democrats declare later in the Platform that they “strongly oppose the Trump Administration so called ‘zero tolerance’ approach to immigration.”


If you actually work and earn a wage for a living, you should fear the democrat approach to healthcare, because they want you to fund the healthcare of every American regardless of whether they earn their keep. In fact, the fourth paragraph of the democrat Platform provides, “Texas Democrats believe healthcare is a right.” They further state “Texas Democrats support an affordable, high-quality, universal health care.”

Texas democrats, which include all of those individuals running for office in Montgomery County as democrats, have stated, “We believe every Texan has inalienable rights that even a majority may not take away…the right to health care.”

Texas democrats want all of us to provide health care for everyone, apparently even those illegal immigrants who “deserve equal opportunities.”

Criminal law: turning Texas into California

Two planks of the democrat Platform call out for Texas to follow California’s legal system. In fact, they want our criminal prosecutors to fear the possibility that they may got to prison for seeking to enforce public safety. Here’s the democrats’ California criminal justice Plank:

“Texas Democrats believe that the primary duty of prosecuting attorneys, including any special prosecutors, not to convict, but to see that justice is done. Prosecutorial misconduct is a blight on the fundamental notions of fairness, transparency and due-process that must be demanded of the criminal trial process…The State of Texas should follow what California lawmakers did in 2016 an make it a felony crime for prosecutors to intentionally withhold exculpatory evidence. Prosecutors who violate this law are subject to 3 years in prison.”

That’s right. Texas democrats seriously want to prosecute our prosecutors, who will fear for their freedom just for their work to protect us from public danger.

Texas democrats don’t want to punish criminals. Rather, they want to turn our criminal justice system into a giant social service center that the taxpayers must fund. Their central criminal justice Platform Plank reads “We must address the institutional and implicit biases that lead people of color and low-income people to be prosecuted more harshly than whites arrested for the same crimes, as well as laws and practices that are unfair and failing. We also support restorative justice, proposals to reduce mass incarceration, and justice for the most vulnerable in our society…”

For Texas democrats, the victims of crime are not the “vulnerable” in their world; rather, the criminals are the vulnerable!

As one might expect, Texas democrats want to abolish the death penalty as they make clear they support “The passage of legislation that would abolish the death penalty and replace it with the punishment of life in prison without parole.” Those people running for Montgomery County offices, including for District Clerk, want Larry Swearingen, who brutally murdered Melissa Trotter, to become a ward of the state that the citizens must support for the rest of his life.

Jobs and unions (scary stuff)

While the democrats believe corporations should have no rights and make that belief very clear in the Platform, Texas democrats state, “We support unions and the value they bring to the American worker and state economy.”

Unbelievably, while protecting labor unions and attacking corporations which employ people, Texas democrats want the government to provide a job for everyone! Here’s their right-to-a-job Plank: “Every American should have a right to a job; therefore, federally funded jobs paying at least a living wage with health insurance and other typical benefits on projects selected by the states and local governments must be available in or near every community.”

Apparently, illegal immigrants, who should enjoy “equal opportunities,” as discussed above, should also have the “right to a job” which your federal tax dollars should pay.

What Texas democrats clearly don’t want are energy industry jobs like those nasty old jobs we enjoy from the core of the oil and gas industry, because they support a carbon tax, they call for “rejoining the Paris Climate Accord,” and “a moratorium on new fracking wells.”


A fetus with a heartbeat is not a child or a baby in the mindset of Texas democrats. Rather, that child is merely “the product of a joined egg and sperm.”

Here’s what Texas democrats believe about abortion: Texas democrats “recognize the product of a joined egg and sperm has no independent status, standing, entitlements or rights that would in any way usurp or supersede the rights of the mother or woman which are paramount.” That’s even more pro-abortion that the Supreme Court’s questionable opinion in Roe v. Wade.

Voter fraud

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart, a Republican, has made clear that voter ID and computer ballots are the best mechanisms to prevent voter fraud. Texas democrats, however, support “repeal of the highly restrictive Texas photo Voter ID law…” They don’t want to “restrict” voting just to those people who are eligible to vote.

Education regulation from the feds

Texas democrats support numerous federal regulatory programs which supposedly would bring education to national standards (as if that’s a good thing).

Texas democrats want “a moratorium on new charter schools” despite the vast success those schools have had in Texas.


If someone is truly a fiscal conservative, they clearly don’t belong in the democrat party. For a whole slate of democrats to run making that claim, in spite of the Texas Democratic Party Platform, looks like a con job.





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