Hardman, Paul skewer Congressman Brady, entire Congress for voting for $900 billion stimulus package

Harry Hardman.

Publisher’s Note: Harry Hardman is the President of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, a successful businessman, and popular conservative leader. Hardman kindly provided his response to The Golden Hammer for publication this afternoon. Congressman Ron Paul sent out his missive earlier today as well. Paul’s message contains an excellent summary of some of the problems with the stimulus bill, which United States Congressman Kevin Brady (Republican of The Woodlands) and others supported. President Donald Trump has not yet signed or vetoed the $900 billion stimulus bill.

Harry Hardman, Guest Writer to The Golden Hammer

Today (December 23, 2020) I received an email from Congressman Kevin Brady touting “A Win for the American People”. I somehow missed how this is a win for anyone other than the recipients of all this pork, all the foreign countries (most of whom hate us) who received billions, and Congress. Here is the reply I sent to Mr. Brady:

Mr. Brady,

This bill is one of the very worst passed in the years you have been in office – and that’s a LONG list. The lipstick you have put on this Pig of a Bill is laughable. Why don’t you highlight the billions of dollars spent on unnecessary foreign aid to countries who hate us? Gender studies in Pakistan? Unnecessary funding of museums that are closed due to illegal shutdowns? And I get $600?

Your Spin Doctors are true artists and your audacity in thinking that we believe this is a good thing for us is amazing.

I am embarrassed you represent me in Congress. As an elected official myself, I am also embarrassed by your total lack of transparency and disregard for the platform, morals and ethics the Republican Party of Montgomery County – one of the most conservative in the country and certainly in Texas – hold dear. Your voting record proves you are not a conservative, but simply another RINO who has put this country on the brink of disaster.

You serve as an example of what I WILL NOT do to the same constituents we both represent. Enjoy your last term in office; I can assure you I (and many others) will not forget this regrettable action and will work to seat a REAL Conservative next time around (if we are still allowed to vote by then).

I hope whoever reads this gets this to Mr. Brady. He needs to know the Emperor wears no clothes.

Harry Hardman

Former United States Congressman Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty

They can’t be serious.

After year of unprecedented abuses of the American public, Congress is trying to buy you off with $600, while they give their buddies $Billions more in the latest round of their “stimulus,” which we’ve watched fail for 12 straight years.

Why stop when you’re on a roll, right?

Now we’re hearing $600 per person may not just be enough to get taxpayers to agree to the following:

  • $700 Million to the Sudan
  • $453 Million to Ukraine
  • $10 Million for “gender programs” in Pakistan
  • Another $40 Million for the closed Kennedy Center, which received $25 Million in the first round
  • $1.4 Billion for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”
  • $1 Billion to the Smithsonian for a few new exhibits (also closed)
  • $135 Million to Burma
  • $130 Million to Nepal
  • $85 Million to Cambodia
  • $15 Billion for commercial airlines

And this is just the beginning of what’s in the bill!While you may think it’s all a big joke, comedian Jerry Seinfeld was dead serious when he lobbied Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) for $10 billion in this bill to bail out comedy clubs!

This has ventured into the absurd, but we know how this show ends because it’s just a re-run of what Washington D.C. has been churning out for 12 years.

The only thing the “stimulus” bill will stimulate in the American public this time is more anger towards politicians, bureaucrats, and their corporate cronies.

Anger is certainly warranted, but I suggest directing it at the people who can stop this madness!

Contact the White House and tell President Trump to veto any more bailout bills, and then call your senators and representative to tell them enough is enough:

White House: 202-456-1111




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