Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s Find Love, Not Hate, Even in Matters of County Government…

Conroe, February 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day! This holiday doesn’t have a lot of modern meaning, but it’s still a great excuse to talk about love, not hate. Our County government is under what Judge Craig Doyal, Commissioner Charlie Riley, Commissioner Mike Meador, and County Attorney Jerry Don Lambright perceive as a “siege.” From where does the siege emanate? An unlikely source: the “citizens.”

There’s been very legitimate criticism of the failure of the County government to manage spending, the failure to build proper roads, the failure to move the November 2015 road bonds projects forward, the failure to avoid nepotism, the failure to follow ethical practices, the failure to manage operations, the failure to support the law enforcement community sufficiently, the failure to listen to citizen concerns about major issues, and the failure to implement the State of Texas policy of “open government.”

No one has said that Doyal, Riley, Meador, or even Lambright are evil people. No one has said that they don’t have some good in their hearts. In particular, and most importantly, no one has said that they do not have the ability or the talent to be very good public servants. Sadly, they seem to rationalize wrong far too often, so they just don’t achieve that level of conduct. They don’t strive to do the right thing. Rather, they focus on attacking their critics and issuing propaganda bragging about undone accomplishments.

Perhaps, Valentine’s Day is the day when we can turn the venom in County politics around. Let us show love for each other. Let us declare love for each other. Some have watched as the writer of this piece has openly declared his love for Doyal, Riley, and Meador. That’s what the Lord would have us do. That’s what we should do in the objectively “right” sense. Even in the case of Lambright, who has displayed considerable malevolence, one must repel that malevolence with kindness, charity, and love.

While we must remain focused on overcoming government’s failures – and recognizing that government other than national defense and law enforcement is doomed to fail – we must remember to love one another.

Compassion, kindness, and love truly are the most fulfilling aspects of life.



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