Happy Global Running Day!

Coach Dana Lyons (pictured right), of The Woodlands, running in Huntsville State Park. Lyons is one of the top running and triathlon coaches in the United States, but he’s also an inspiring runner who still runs 6 minutes miles regularly.

The Woodlands, June 7 – Happy Global Running Day from The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper.

Running is a great way to feel good, have fun, and meet some wonderful people having the time of their lives. There are a lot of ways that people can run.

Running can take the form of solo adventures or group runs. There are some terrific running groups in The Woodlands and other parts of Montgomery County. You can run for relaxation, or competitively, or both.

In reality, running will always take you somewhere.

Jim Fixx’s book, The Complete Book of Running, remains after 40 years the preeminent book on all aspects of running. If you’re interested in the most technical aspects of running, Tim Noakes, M.D.’s epic Lore of Running is an amazing read. With either book, however, don’t spend too much time reading about running. Just get out there and do it!



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