Happy 2020 from The Golden Hammer!

Happy 2020 from The Golden Hammer!

Kelli Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Happy New Year from The Golden Hammer!

2020 is an important year nationally and locally for Montgomery County. Our rejuvenated Republican Party delivered 42% of United States Senator Ted Cruz’s winning margin in 2018. That remarkable feat has placed us in the epicenter for Republicans to win Texas and keep the White House in the 2020 election.

Without Montgomery County, it’s clear that President Donald Trump won’t hold Texas and won’t hold the the Presidency. Similarly, the Republicans must hold the United States Senate, so Montgomery County’s strong Republican turnout for the Republican United States Senate candidate will be crucial.

We have a major election on March 3, 2020, when the Republican Primary Election occurs. Let’s be very clear. Grassroots conservatives had wonderful success in 2018, but the political “establishment” wants to hold the power it has.

Conservatives still have not gained a majority of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court. The “establishment” desperately seeks to hold the Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner position, the Republican County Chairman position, and control of the Montgomery County Courthouse through the newly-created 457th District Court, which will be exclusively a civil district court.

This newspaper will endorse in all three of those critical races. We haven’t done that yet. Nevertheless, there are some clear trends we’ve already seen in each of those electoral contests.

In the Precinct 1 Commissioner race, one candidate has enormous funds available to him, even though he’s not an incumbent. Being the first cousin and handpicked successor of retiring Commissioner Mike Meador has given Robert Walker the ability to raise money as though he’s an incumbent. The out-of-County money from County vendors, which Walker has already received, is staggering. Walker has performed terribly in the two candidate forums which he’s attended. The grassroots conservative, Dr. Billy Graff, is running a much stronger campaign than many of us anticipated. Graff has placed himself squarely in the contest and definitely has a chance to win this important seat from the “establishment.”

The Montgomery County Republican Chairmanship campaign may very well be the centerpiece of the political “establishment’s” efforts to hold onto power. The grassroots conservative, Jon Bouche, is running strong. He has an outstanding record of leadership and involvement in the local Republican Party. Bouche is so much of a threat that the retiring incumbent Wally Wilkerson has broken his own rule of neutrality in Republican Primary Elections and endorsed Bouche’s nubile opponent who hasn’t ever had any Republican Party involvement and who clearly constitutes Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley’s attempt to take a swipe at conservatives.

The 457th District Court race has already shaped up as longtime conservative Republican Eric Yollick running against four weak “establishment” candidates. The “establishment” clearly intends to throw every dirty trick at Yollick which they can muster. Yollick has made clear that he’s ready for them, because he’s been fighting the “establishment” for a long time. Interestingly, that race also includes an attempt by our local District Attorney to take control of that seat through his handpicked candidate and an attempt by one local judge who dislikes the DA to take control of that seat through her handpicked choice. Clearly, voters should avoid either of those two candidates who represent narrow special power interests.

At the same time, 2020’s Primary Election undoubtedly will see Riley’s vendetta against conservatives in the form of the fake “Republican Voters of Texas PAC.” That group is clearly Riley’s revenge and little else. They’ve made clear they intend to create voter confusion at the polls just as we observed when the fake Tea Party organization did the same in the 2014 election of a Montgomery County Judge. That fake group has little to do with the Republican Party. They don’t support the Platform. They’ve backed democrats in local races. They’ve supported gay activists running against conservatives. They’re little more than Riley’s and Wilkerson’s mouthpiece of intentional confusion.

Voters beware!





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