Guest Writer, Mark Keough, American Exceptionalism: Does It Really Matter? Part 3


MARK KEOUGH, Guest Writer.

In my previous article I demonstrated that the phrase “American Exceptionalism” was coined by the communist leader Joseph Stalin. He described American culture and its economic system as the “exception” to the conventional Marxist Ideology of his day. What he meant in coining the phrase was that it was different and therefore was the exception and because it was the exception it was inferior.

What he did not realize was that American ideology was not the exception because it was different but rather it was different because it was so exceptional. And because it was so exceptional it was not inferior but rather it was then and is now far superior to Marxist ideology.

For clarity, when you think about Marxism, think about a Communist/Socialist country compared to what you know about America. (Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam to name a few) Their ideology is founded in Marxism. Then ask yourself, what are the differences? Here are ten that will illustrate why America is so exceptional..

  1. American ideology says that every person has the right to own private property. Marxism says private property should be confiscated and maintained by the government for public use. Although they would like to take it by force, when they can’t, will, through a system of gradualism try to take it by the liberal use of “eminent domain”.

Sound familiar?

  1. American ideology says that elected officials, who represent each state based upon population i e. The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises but not to the detriment of individuals, their property or their businesses. Marxism espouses the need for a heavy graduated income tax collected by the central government without any representation of its people. It then taxes ( takes) monies from the most productive individuals and businesses. To the detriment of the productive, it then redistributes those monies to non productive individuals and maintains the right to determine who is or who is not worthy of being a recipient of that distribution. Sound familiar? Ask the people of North Korea or Cuba how that has worked for them.

But that’s not all… to be continued …



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