Guest Editorialist Danny Signorelli: Forget about “hometown” Woodlands if incorporation occurs

Renowned community and business leaders Angie Signorelli (right) and Danny Signorelli (left).

Danny Signorelli, Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer

Say “goodbye” to the “hometown” Woodlands, if you turn this place into a city. The reason most of us moved here was to enjoy the small town atmosphere where we didn’t need to worry about policemen writing tickets, regulators trying to control how we live, and high taxes.

If The Woodlands annexes itself to avoid annexation by Houston or Conroe, it won’t make any sense. Under our agreements with those cities, they can’t annex us until 2057. Under Texas law, passed during the 2019 Texas Legislative Session, they can’t annex us at all, unless the residents of The Woodlands vote to let them.

What will incorporation, i.e. self-annexation, really do? It will double our taxes, add a layer of bureaucracy, destroy our property values, and leave us at the mercy of a mayor and city council which will change hands every few years.

Look at the City of Austin, City of Houston, City of Dallas. Try to name one that doesn’t destroy itself with debt, taxes, and too many ordinances.

We live in a suburb for a reason. We enjoy the peace of mind of living outside of a city yet we’re close enough to the big city to enjoy its entertainment and amenities when we want to go there and fight its problems (temporarily).

There is nothing conservative about creating a new bureacracy, new taxes, and attempting to paint that as a good idea.

The Woodlands has been the No. 1 Community in Texas for decades. We don’t need to fix something which isn’t broken.

Support Jimmie Dotson and Dan Hannon for Township Board of Directors, because they both oppose incorporation. Early Voting starts in 2 weeks.



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