Guest Editorialist Cindy Gaskill: Stop the Relocation of the Alamo Cenotaph

The Alamo Cenotaph.
PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The Golden Hammer strongly supports the position expressed in this Guest Editorial and urges all Texans to contact Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Historical Commission, and your State Senators and State Representatives regarding the terrible plan to change the Alamo. KAC.
Cindy Gaskill, Guest Editorialist
During the last several weeks, I, along with many other wonderful Texas friends, have been researching and working diligently to stop the Relocation of the Alamo Cenotaph.  Since George P. Bush became Land Commissioner with the General Land Office, he has been slowly making changes at the Alamo that are not beneficial to Texas.
I am a member of the Alamo Mission Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, the group in San Antonio which lovingly took care of the Alamo for 110 years.  George P. Bush literally kicked this group out from the Alamo. The Shrine of Liberty is now in the hands of politicians and a group of investors led by an Ohio museum manager, Douglass McDonald, who has to date been paid upwards of $583,000 out of Texas taxpayer money.
My ancestor fought and died at the Alamo.  Andrew Kent was a brave and patriotic family man who left his wife and children knowing he would probably never return home to the Gonzales, Texas area.  As he rode off on horseback, his daughter recalled him saying, “This time we may see blood.”  After he and the Alamo Heroes fought and died for Liberty and Texas Independence, Santa Anna refused to grant the defenders a Christian burial and then demanded that the heroes’ bodies be burned in a massive funeral pyre.
In 1936, work began to create a Cenotaph, or empty tomb, to memorialize the Alamo Defenders. Pompeo Coppini, a sculptor who loved Texas, designed the Cenotaph with four intricate panels made of Georgia Marble with each side having directional meaning.  Coppini was absolutely passionate about his design and he insisted the Cenotaph be constructed on the Alamo Battlefield footprint where the heroes shed their blood.
The Texas General Land Office, along with a newly formed group called the Alamo Trust, are trying to “Reimagine the Alamo.” Phase 1 includes a RELOCATION of the Cenotaph off the battlefield footprint.   The new proposed location will be toward the Menger Hotel in a commercial area without historical significance to the Alamo.  In addition, the plan calls for the reorientation of the Cenotaph 180 degrees which will adversely affect the design intent of Coppini.  Many Texans, including myself, are 100% opposed to the Relocation of the Cenotaph.
This week, the Texas Historical Commission, will meet to approve or deny the permit for the Relocation of the Cenotaph.  The Commission will accept public comment on the matter.
Please contact the Texas Historical Commission, The Governor of Texas, or any local politicians regarding this plan to express your concerns.
Cindy Gaskill is one of the great conservative activists of Texas. She lives in Montgomery County with her husband and children. Gaskill is a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas and is the Treasurer of the Texas Patriots PAC.



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