Guest Editorial: Woodlands Township Director Dr. Ann K. Snyder, Why The Woodlands Should Not Incorporate As A City Government

Guest Editorial: Woodlands Township Director Dr. Ann K. Snyder, Why The Woodlands Should Not Incorporate As A City Government

Publisher’s Note: This important Editorial comes from an insider of the Woodlands Township Board of Directors, Dr. Ann K. Snyder. Snyder has – by far – the most conservative voting record on the Township Board, as she has fought for lower taxes and lower spending. Snyder, along with Director John Brown, voted against placing the incorporation on the November 2, 2021, General Election ballot.

Dr. Ann K. Snyder, Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer

I voted against putting incorporation on the November 2nd ballot because I felt strongly that such a profound decision required more time for residents to research and give input to the Board and because there is no pressing reason to force residents to make this irreversible decision now. Incorporation is an option we will have for many years to come.

This Board repeatedly committed to place incorporation on the ballot only during an even numbered year to ensure greater voter turnout. That did not happen, and now we are making the most consequential decision in the history of The Woodlands during an off-year election.

This Board pledged to conduct a survey of residents before placing it on the ballot. This promise was never fulfilled.

This Board committed to provide reliable plans for a seamless transition, but as expert reviews of the consultant’s law enforcement and budget numbers have revealed, there are very legitimate concerns with both that must be addressed.

This Board presented the financial model and adopted it mere hours before voting to place the issue on the ballot one day before the deadline. Board members like myself did not even have an opportunity to study the proposed city’s financial model, which had changed significantly from the original recommendations of our consultants, before we were asked to endorse it and the tax rate that would accompany incorporation in the ballot language.

In each of these instances, this Board failed to adhere to its commitment to transparency and inclusion.

I am proud to serve on The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, but I cannot in good conscience condone the process that has led us to this point, nor ignore the concerns of residents questioning the wisdom of making this fundamental and irreversible change to the community and quality of life we love.

For these reasons, incorporation on November 2, 2021 is NOT beneficial to our community.

Ann Snyder won election to the Woodlands Township Board of Directors in November, 2015. As a life-long educator who has a passion for developing the individual, Dr. Snyder has served in a number of educational capacities. She served on the Conroe Independent School District Board of Trustees for fifteen years and as Chairman of the Board for two terms. She also worked as the Director of Clinical and Field Experience at the University of Houston. Dr. Snyder holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Colorado State University, a Master of Education from the University of Missouri at Columbia, and a Doctorate from Baylor University. Conroe ISD named Ann Snyder Elementary School in her honor.



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