Guest Editorial: Virginia Young, “Natural immunity, not government control, is the solution to fighting disease”

Virginia Young, Guest Editorialist
We are bowing down to the control of a country, China, which will kill millions of chickens as their answer to contain a virus. Natural immunity will always be the answer. No amount of bloodshed in animals or humans  ever works nor is it acceptable. The people will always pay a heavy price, if the government gets its way.
We never contain a disease. Our immune systems fight disease, but only if allowed to do so.
Ranchers noticed long ago that their herds of cattle were healthier after a bout of disease due to natural immunity. The adults recovered and they believed that protected the sick and very young, and the term herd immunity was born. This phenomenon applies to natural immunity, but the industry applies it to vaccination.
We should always take care of our most vulnerable. Sadly, we rely on others for information, and the industry fraught with conflicts of interest has been allowed to call the shots for all.
From the inside, we have witnessed not just the shut down of our community but the interior collapse of our medical system. Think about that for minute. We are supposedly in a “pandemic.”  By definition we were not even in an epidemic, if you look at the numbers. In the name of preparation, doctors and nurses will no longer have the jobs they once did. They are putting the students, residents,and interns at the front lines. Cheap labor yes, but they’re dangerously inexperienced. There is so much more to this problem than meets the average eye.
Virginia Young holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Science and a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology, both degrees from Texas A&M University.



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