Guest Editorial: The Sage Bill O’Sullivan talks tough on Gregory Parker’s candidacy for Precinct 2 Commissioner

Bill O’Sullivan, Guest Editorialist
Local conservative political activist and sage Bill O’Sullivan speaking to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court about the Tx-249 Tollway on October 24, 2017.
I’m sorry to see the performance of Commissioner James Noack, Brian Dawson and the Courier in an article to try to deceive the people. Evidently, Commissioner Gregory Parker, who is challenging Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley in the March 6, 2018, Republican Primary Election, at a Candidate Forum said he was fine with a Developer building a road on his own land with his own money. Commissioner Noack, Brian Dawson and the Courier tried to make that seem like Commissioner Parker was supporting the Woodlands Parkway Extension, which is a lie. They should be ashamed and issue a clarification. As far as the Courier and Catherine Dominguez, what can I say? She should have sought a comment from the Texas Patriots PAC but didn’t. She has my phone number, but she was too busy trying to write a hit piece against Commissioner Parker to try to find the truth.
The whole issue with the Woodlands Parkway Extension was:
1) The County passing a Bond to build a road across a Developers Property
2) Then buying Right of Way and construct a road on it to link it to Woodlands Parkway. This second part is what is known as the Woodlands Parkway Extension.
The first part was backed off when it was exposed and Commissioner Riley advised that tne Developer had agreed to pay for the road on his own property though there was nothing in writing to my knowledge. This is what Commissioner Parker was referring to in his answer.
Commissioner Noack, Brian Dawson and Catherine Dominguez are trying to make it seem that Commissioner Parker is advocating situation #2, which he is not and does not. Noack, Dawson and Dominguez would do well to understand that building your own road on your own property is called FREEDOM and they should all take a refresher course to understand that.
Bill O’Sullivan, also known as “The Sage,” has been a conservative Republican political activist in Montgomery County for 26 years. He’s also Treasurer of the Texas Patriots PAC.
Publisher’s Note: The Courier blog’s Catherine Dominguez clearly will write whatever Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal or his “chief of staff” jim fredricks wants her to write. She creates fiction and the Courier blog publishes as alleged news. She has told the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, that she thinks Craig Doyal is “cute.” That’s a news reporter?



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